Cleaning Services: Why Hire A Skip Bin?

Skip bins are sometimes called mobile skip bins; these are ideal solutions to waste management. These skip bins hire services offer large metal containers designed for easy transport and contain amounts of rubbish. Skip bins designed for waste management in different institutions, such as:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Factories

Hiring a skip bin hire service allows easy waste disposal of all kinds. You have noticed skip bins around the streets where you live or within the premises – the skip bins help keep the environment upkeep and clean. If you have wondered how skip bin hire works, you will understand different services offered, more than short or long-term rubbish removal. The short-term hire is the most popular option, but a long-term hire or permanent skip bin hire is among businesses that create a consistent waste stream.

Skip bin hire is convenient and flexible!

When booking a skip bin, choose the appropriate size for the waste you want to dispose of. It makes rubbish removal more convenient than relying on council collections. The skip is delivered to your property on the choice of day you booked.

Waste types and skip bins of your choice

The type of skin bin you choose can be confusing if you are new to skips. But, it is a simple concept after you look at it closely. Hiring companies will set aside the skip bins for the types of waste. For example, choose skip bins for green waste. It is a type of skip that is an eco-friendly option. When removed, the contents are used to create compost. Thus, there are no waste types that are put into green skip bins.

The green skip bins are a great option for biodegradable waste.

Choose the right type of skip bin to hire

If someone places metals or plastic bags in the green waste, it could mean the load becomes useless and can’t be recycled. There are specialized types of skips, including:

  • for soil and dirt
  • for rubble and bricks
  • for mixed waste

These types of skip bins are specifically designed for a particular waste disposal.

Skip bin sizes

There are a range of skip bin sizes available. The best way to work out how large a skip bin is you need is to think about the terms of wheelie bins.

What waste can’t be put into a skip?

Many items can’t be put into the skip bins. These items are prohibited as they pose a risk to safety, health, or both. The prohibited waste is unstable or fire risk. There are hazardous wastes that must not be put into the skip, such as:

  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Oils
  • Asbestos
  • Fluorescent tubes

Asbestos is extremely toxic and highly unstable to humans. Breathing the particles causes very serious problems, so it must be managed and removed by a qualified person.

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