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KNIPEX Pliers Wrench because that Ty wrap Removal

Meet the Pliers Wrench - A One-Of-A-Kind tool with countless Possibilities...

For opened plastic cable connectorsNo spicy edges at the toolRoughed jaws because that a much better gripUnintentional damages to the cable/insulation is reliably avoidedPlastic cable ties are opened up with high pressing strengthControlled losing of the plastic cable tieNo part / waste can drop downLever transmission better than 10 come 1 for solid gripping powerChrome vanadium electrical steel; forged, oil-hardenedArticle No.
mmPliersHandlesInchMmAdjustment positionsDimensions (mm)
86 03 125125nickel platedplastic coated7/823113.05.09.5105
86 03 150150127144.77.010.5175
86 03 1801801 3/835135.08.012.0254
86 03 2502501 3/446178.08.014.0536
86 03 3003002 3/860229.59.515.0729
86 03 4004003 3/8852512.516201460
86 05 150150nickel platedwith multi-component grips127144.77.010.5193
86 05 1801801 3/835135.08.012.0277
86 05 2502501 3/446178.08.014.0571
86 07 250250
nickel platedwith dipped insulation, VDE-tested1 3/446178.08.014.0615
86 09 180Pushbutton instead of Kit because that 86 series Pliers Wrenches

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