In this article, we"ll display you precisely how to calculate 1/4 the 7 for this reason you deserve to work out the fraction of any number quickly and easily! Let"s obtain to the math!

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You probably understand that the number above the fraction line is called the numerator and the number below it is called the denominator. To work out the fraction of any kind of number, we very first need to convert that entirety number right into a fraction as well.

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Here"s a little tip because that you. Any type of number can be convert to portion if you use 1 as the denominator:

So currently that we"ve convert 7 right into a fraction, to occupational out the answer, we put the fraction 1/4 side by side through our new fraction, 7/1 so that we have the right to multiply those 2 fractions.

That"s right, all you should do is transform the whole number to a fraction and then multiply the numerators and denominators. Let"s take it a look:

As you can see in this case, the molecule is greater than the denominator. What this way is the we have the right to simplify the answer down to a blended number, likewise known as a combined fraction.

To perform that, we need to transform the improper portion to a mixed fraction. Us won"t explain that in detail here because we have another article that currently covers it for 7/4. Click below to find out exactly how to transform 7/4 come a mixed fraction.

The complete and simplified answer to the inquiry what is 1/4 of 7 is:

1 3/4

Hopefully this tutorial has actually helped you come understand how to find the portion of any type of whole number. You deserve to now go provide it a walk with an ext numbers to practice your newfound fraction skills.

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