In order to achieve the That"s More Like It success (link), you should execute a 1000+ hit combo, but I"ve never acquired all over even close to that. How can I gain my combo respond to as much as the 1000 mark?

Note: I"m not exceptionally far into the game yet, does this become much easier the additionally you progress?


Fairly early in the game, you will run right into 2 big rock monsters. You have the right to fire your projectile by pushing B, and also then integrate it with an aerial dust storm by jumping and then holding Y. This fires numerous projectiles, and also if you store doing this by jumping earlier and forth, you can get the success in short order. Check out this video to check out the strategy in action:

You can also inspect out this forum thread for an additional video and also some more tips on exactly how to obtain this success.

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Three things have to be satisfied to accomplish a 1000 hit combo:

You have to make many hits quickly without any combo-breaking gap in between them.You must not obtain hit while doing so.You have to not run out of adversaries to hit.

Quickly making hits is many easily accomplished by combining Fidget"s traditional Energy Blast projectile with Dust Storm, in order to develop most projectiles that make a lot of hits, the Dust Storm itself deserve to likewise rack up some hits quickly if aimed at adversaries, but using it ssuggest to enhance projectiles is rather acceptable. The power offered for Fidget"s projectiles is replenimelted by hitting enemies through normal assaults, so mixing in some of those may be forced.

Not getting hit is most basic against the standard melee enemy forms, so finding a place wbelow there are no various other forms of enemies is appropriate.

In order to not run out of adversaries the merged hit points of the team of opponents must be larger than 1000 times your average damages per hit. The initially opponents you encounter in Sorrowing Meadow is a lengthy stretch of zombies only, they are late-game enough to have the majority of hit points, yet are otherwise exceptionally simple to deal with, so they are best. The supply of adversaries have the right to be extended by reducing your very own assault and fidget stats via unequipping tools, and if that is not sufficient an Ugly Pendant can be provided to make your attacks extremely weak. This trick is likewise valuable for maintaining opponents alive once "flying" by attacking airborne opponents.

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These are simply what I conceive to be the ideal conditions for making a 1000 hit combo, lots of different places have the right to be used. Some could swear to a slightly various method, and that may job-related fine as well.