Baseball Almanac is pleasure to current the box score to the 1967 Midsummer classic which was played ~ above July 11, 1967 in ~ Anaheim stadion in Anaheim, California.

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"He (Tony Perez) was the best clutch hitter I ever before saw. Runner on 3rd and two outs, if i can"t it is in up myself climate he"s the guy that I want up there due to the fact that he"ll drive in the run." - Pete Rose

1967 All-Star Game

National organization 2 vs American league 1July 11, 1967 Anaheim Stadium

Hitting & Fielding Notes
Lou Brocklf2000
c-Willie Maysph-cf4000
Roberto Clementerf6010
Hank Aaroncf-lf6010
Orlando Cepeda1b6000
Dick Allen3b4111
Tony Perez3b2111
Joe Torrec2000
Tom Hallerc1000
g-Ernie Banksph1010
Tim McCarverc2020
Bill Mazeroski2b4000
Don Drysdalep0000
k-Tommy Helmsph1000
Tom Seaverp0000
Gene Alleyss5000
Juan Marichalp1000
Fergie Jenkinsp1000
Bob Gibsonp0000
f-Jimmy Wynnph1010
Chris Shortp0000
i-Rusty Staubph1010
Mike Cuellarp0000
j-Pete Roseph-2b1000
Brooks Robinson3b6111
Rod Carew2b3000
Dick McAuliffe2b3000
Tony Olivacf6020
Harmon Killebrew1b6000
Tony Conigliarorf6000
Carl Yastrzemskilf4030
Bill Freehanc5000
Rico Petrocelliss1000
Jim McGlothinp0000
b-Mickey Mantleph1000
Gary Petersp0000
d-Don Mincherph1010
e-Tommie Ageepr0000
Al Downingp0000
h-Max Alvisph1000
Catfish Hunterp1000
l-Ken Berryph1000
Dean Chancep0000
a-Jim Fregosiph-ss4010

a: Singled for chance in third inning.b: Struck the end for McGlothin in 5th inning.c: Struck the end for Brock in 6th inning.d: Singled for Peters in 8 hours inning.e: Pinch ran because that Mincher in 8th inning.f: Singled for Gibson in nine inning.g: Singled because that Haller in 10th inning.h: Grounded the end for Downing in 10th inning.i: Singled for brief in 11th inning.j: Flied out for Cuellar in 13th inning.k: base into dual play because that Drysdale in 15th inning.l: Struck the end for Hunter in 15th inning.

Doubles: Yastrzemski, McCarver.Double Plays: B.Robinson-Carew-Killebrew, McAuliffe-Killebrew.GIDP: Helms.Home Runs: Allen, B.Robinson, Perez.Left on Base: N.L. 5, A.L. 7.Sacrifice Hits: Fregosi, Freehan, Mazeroski.Stolen Base: Aaron.

Line ScoreAll-StarTeam
Pitching Notes
Juan Marichal3.010003
Fergie Jenkins3.031106
Bob Gibson2.020002
Chris Short2.000011
Mike Cuellar2.010002
Don Drysdale2.010002
Tom Seaver1.000011
Dean Chance3.021101
Jim McGlothin2.010002
Gary Peters3.000004
Al Downing2.020002
Catfish Hunter5.041104

Game Notes

Attendance: 46,309.Length of Game: 3:41.Umpires A.L.: HP: Ed Runge, 2B: beam DiMuro, LF: Emmett Ashford.Umpires N.L.: 1B: frank Secory3B: Ken Burkhart, RF: kris Pelekoudas.

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Most chroniclers know that this was the longest Midsummer standard played, but did you recognize that residence runs accounting for every the scoring?

The official scorers (who had actually to stay) for this, the longest All-Star game by innings played and also time on field, were: Bob Addie that the Washington Post, Bob Hunter the the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and Ross Newhan that the long Beach Independent press Telegram.

Would girlfriend have considered this 30-strikeout contest boring or would certainly you location this amongst the best of all Midsummer Classics? please tell us your opinion on ours baseball article boards today.

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