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Nabi’s kids-oriented tablet computers have sculpted out a nice an are for themselves at the low-end the the market, however the brand’s new 20-inch and also 24-inch tools are taking a significantly, well, enlarge approach.

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At $449.99 and $549.99 respectively, the large Tab HD line is a sizable investment for your child’s entertainment and education. Once I very first got my hands on the 10.5-pound 20-inch model, my first thought was, “How will children even choose this point up?” The 24-inch variation weighs even an ext at a whopping 13 pounds.

Size comparison: iPad 2 vs. Big Tab HD

Big Tab HD contains a parent setting that lets you bypass the custom interface in stimulate to use the device as a constant Android tablet. The suffer was sub-par, but I did control to execute some browsing and also install a couple of apps, consisting of Netflix and a four-player beer pong app, native Google Play. I’d love to see tabletop gaming apps together as settlers of Catan take benefit of the large screen, but I’m doubtful that Nabi will certainly sell sufficient units to warrant tradition builds indigenous developers.

While large Tab HD succeeded at entertaining my friends’ kids, it i will not ~ be my an initial choice for a family-oriented tablet. I’d rather have a smaller device, like the Amazon Fire HD children Edition tablet, that’s simple to require to restaurants or out on roadway trips and also flights.

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Carting out a 20-inch tablet gets kids and adults alike excited, but it additionally feels like much more gimmick than substance. Sure, we might play a couple of games ~ above it because that an evening, but eventually it’d end up simply collecting dust because of exactly how heavy and also cumbersome the is. If you have actually multiple kids that would advantage from share a screen, you might get sufficient value out of this super-sized tablet, but otherwise, I suggest you pass.

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