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Im to be going to should replace the wheel bearings/seals on a 2004 GC soon. I watched a couple of youtube vids on it. One inquiry I have actually is; execute I pack the brand-new bearing through grease or not? Im thinking "not", however one vid said it, So thus the question to the experts. Thanx a lot.

I constantly thought that the bearing to be lubricated with the liquid from the differential, yet the service manual likewise tells to put grease in the bearing.
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Must say ns didnt fill grease in mine. Just poured diff oil in them prior to install.The way I see it, the bearings depend on the diff oil because that lubrication when driving. I usage the expensive man-made oil in my diffs v the mopar additive, therefore why mix bearing grease too ?Almost 2 years later all is to run fine.

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Is an altering the bearings as straightforward as the youtube videos show? Anything come watch the end for? I"ve acquired to readjust the bearings in our 240K miles 2000 laredo (one seal is oozing & the other bearing has actually a slim howl).thanks,Mike S
Yeah Mike its at sight easy
. Its only two bolts on caliper bracket, and 4 nuts holding axle in place. Spayed top top blaster and also drained oil, night before, after seeing the you tube vids, I offered it a whirl. The vids phone call the story. The die grinder an approach works great. Getting the race out that the housing was a mm at a time marathon however came the end without tools. Midas offered me estimate of 450. Dealer was roughly 600?? whoa!! You can do it in less than 3 hours. And also 100.00 in parts and also oil. Once you set your jack stands, put them inside the shock mounts, therefore they space out the the method for the bottom axle bracket nut. An excellent luck
Got the left behind bearing swapped out last night. Yes, that was simply as straightforward as that appeared, although i did have an issue with the brand-new brake pads (I changed the rotors & pads while I had actually it apart). The new pads were so thick, I had actually to cut a part of the 3 little "fingers" turn off of the rear pad (the persons that organize it right into the caliper "puck") to make room to acquire the pad installed.I"ll get the passenger side done as soon as ns get another rear axle seal (forgot come order 2).Mike S
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