2016 has been a defining year because that Instagram. Here’s just how it’s gone from strength-to-strength end the past 12 months.

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Hundreds of new apps are introduced every day. Some, if lock lucky, will flourish to a few hundred or thousand users. Most don’t gain any traction in ~ all. But once in a while, a product come along and also just pond it. The right time. The right place. The right market.

Instagram is one of those products.

Instagram released on October 06, 2010, and also within three months it hit one million users. One million quickly come to be two, and its expansion didn’t protect against there — in under a year Instagram fight 10 million users.

When Instagram launched, it no the first app to enable users to add a filter to an image. Therefore why walk Instagram success where countless other services failed? Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom, puts few of it under as luck; yet Instagram likewise found a perfect balance between creativity and also community; simplicity and specialist. It launched as smartphone camera technology was vastly improving and also Instagram permitted anyone with a smartphone to create jaw-dropping, professional-looking photographs. That made photography so straightforward that also a novice might snap and share a beautiful photo in just a few swipes and taps.

Now, the Facebook-owned product boasts an significant 500m+ monthly energetic users and 300m+ everyday users, and is showing no signs of slow down.


Instagram has become the online existence of an option for the following generation. While on facebook is much more about messaging and also staying in touch, and also Snapchat dominates fleeting, off-the-cuff sharing, Instagram has become the location to re-superstructure the moments we desire to remember.

In whatever it’s done, Instagram has kept the simple. Even as they ballooned to hundreds of millions the users, it to be seemingly an ext important because that Instagram come say ‘no’ to new features instead of ‘yes.’ In 2016, that adjusted a little. End the previous 12 months-or-so, as part of its pursuit to it is in the go-to location for capturing and sharing the world moments, Instagram has rolled the end plenty of transforms — some small, part seismic.

From a controversial rebrand, to the launch of katifund.org, it’s been an undeniably brilliant and potentially specifying year because that Instagram. Here’s a look at exactly how it unfolded.


Alongside the new branding, Instagram likewise redesigned their app — switching to a minimal, flat design.

Why did Instagram have the makeover? that was simply time for a change. Instagram’s look and also feel had largely continued to be the same due to the fact that launch in 2010, and also in a blog post about the design changes, Instagram explained:

“The simpler architecture puts an ext focus on your photos and videos without an altering how friend navigate the app.

The Instagram neighborhood has advanced over the past five years from a location to share filtered photos to so much much more — a an international community of understanding sharing much more than 80 million photos and also videos every day. Ours updated look at reflects just how vibrant and also diverse her storytelling has become.”

As the grown, Instagram has end up being an countless stream that delicious-looking food, friends, puppies, quotes, adventures, and gorgeous scenery. It’s currently saturated with content — far an ext content than any user have the right to consume top top a consistent basis. And also as us follow more and more Instagram accounts, it’s harder to save up v the contents from our few, select favorite accounts.

To combat this, Instagram released a algorithmic feed that functions in a similar way to Facebook’s ever-evolving and also ever-controversial News Feed. In a blog short article announcing the adjust on in march 15, 2016, Instagram said that most users miss on typical 70% of your feeds. This way that the vast bulk of contents on her Instagram feed goes unseen and also users can be missing posts from your close friends and also favorite Instagram accounts.

Speaking to the new York Times, Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom explained: “What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.”

Since the algorithm update was released, contents no longer screens in chronological order, yet rather is detailed based on an algorithm the decides what she most likely to desire to see based upon accounts and content did you do it previously communicated with.

As with virtually every update propelled to a significant social platform, the adjust was met v some pushback indigenous the Instagram community, through 341,825 human being signing a petition to store Instagram chronological. But, yes a vast upside come this because that the Instagram community, v the bar being elevated for brands and also influencers to create much better content to have any chance of being seen. That also means you’re far an ext likely to see posts from your finest friend end a brand you complied with a couple of years ago but have actually never communicated with.

With 80% the Instagram’s audience comes from exterior the unified States, Mike Krieger, Instagram’s co-founder, and also chief modern technology officer, trust time isn’t rather as vital to Instagram’s content as that is on various other platforms.

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“Look at my feed now. I follow account from anywhere the world,” Krieger said to the brand-new York Times, “it doesn’t really issue to me what time the is.”

Instagram to be born in the mexican beach town of Todos Santos, wherein Systrom and his girlfriend (now wife), Nicole Schuetz, to be vacationing. Systrom was functioning on ideas for a location-based app, Burbn, as soon as he stated the ide of allowing users come share photos. That talked v the idea through Schuetz who stated she i will not ~ post any photos due to the fact that her picture (at the moment taken v an iphone phone 4) wouldn’t look great enough. Castle concluded that the best method to settle this difficulty was through image filters and also that night Systrom constructed what is now the X-Pro II filter and also posted photo to an early version that Instagram.