Mystery that the Shemitah updated Edition: The 3,000-Year-Old an enig That hold the mystery of America's Future, the World's Future...and her Future!

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New York Times finest Seller! end 2,700 5-Star reviews native the writer that brought you new YORK TIMES best sellers The publication of Mysteries, The Harbinger, and The Paradigm with over 3 MILLION duplicates sold

"Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a Jewish prophet who has been favored to disclose end-time mysteries--vital product to placed the last-days puzzle together!" --Sid Roth Host, It"s Supernatural!

"The an enig of the Shemitah is a detailed, compelling, and provocative publication for anyone seeking answers to the future that America and the world." --Marcus D. Lamb Founder, president, Daystar television Network

"The mystery of the Shemitah is the most amazing thing I have ever read! Brilliant and also stunning . . . Sobering . . . Humbling . . . It is undeniable truth. It is just one of the many important books of our lifetime!" --Joseph Farah Founder, WND ​The Shemitah wake up every 7 years. has actually God currently given united state clues regarding WHAT WILL happen NEXT?

The Shemitah (shmee-TA), or Sabbath year, is the seventh year of the seven-year farming cycle mandated through the Torah because that the soil of Israel. Knowledge this seven-year pattern is necessary for understanding the prophecy and also mysteries the the scriptures that space still applicable today.

In The an enig of the Shemitah Updated edition you will certainly discover brand-new insight on present events such as: just how the good Depression and also other economic events fit into the ShemitahHow stock market crashes in 2015 were attached to the period of nullification at the finish of the ShemitahHow the Shemitah that 2015 impacted economies worldwideHow the sample of sevens guess 9/11 to the exact hourHow the people Trade facility was conceived, started, finished, and destroyed in Shemitah yearsHow the rise--and perhaps the fall--of America can be connected to the year that the Shemitah