A brief put potent beforehand 50 track that starts off his pre-fame compilation album Guess who Back. The details his climb to importance in the majesties crack game and ends v him… review More 

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New York City, you are currently rocking v 50 CentAre girlfriend ready? -- I said are girlfriend ready?See, you through me, nigga? drop thatPaper for a hooptie, but I wanted a dropG-Unit -- other newI'm no that nigga in your videoI'm not a trick, ns don't love the hoesAnd niggas know I be on the lowWhen i gets my dough and also I twist my droI'm no that nigga that you think you knowI walk around with a huge fo-foYou prior on me I'm gon' obtain at you, dawgI be appropriate at your crib wait at your door(What increase 50!)Coming up ns ain't have actually much, I want a lotI had file for a hooptie, yet I wanted a dropSo you know I had to make something the end of nothingLike turn an north spot into a cracked spot pumpingHustled hard, in ~ nineteen ns bought a Benz, ns didThe older niggas yes, really wasn't emotion the kidTrying to find where i live so they might run in my cribBut girlfriend can't hustle a hustler, ns peeped it and also slidBack then niggas provided to contact me BooIn 6 months I sold a million yellow tops on man BrewerCountry came around, he's into clapping andCountry left, very same shit started happeningLike, "He shot plunder for part ends, rob shot Joe over some skinsCory shooting you and we was friends, money turn boys right into men"The cycle never changes, shit simply starts again

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Naw, nigga, ain't nothing changed, niggaYeah, I've been gone for a minute, however I'm back(Damn 50, an excellent to check out you ago in the hood)You check out my cherry red SL, nigga -- I'm act goodSometimes ns can't uncover the words come say exactly how I feelSo ns take a quote indigenous Menace -- "look at the wheels"I'm addicted come stunting currently that I'm stop somethingI got a trunk complete of guns from VA today(Oh, nigga, permit me organize something?)Nigga you high or something?I don't pat games, I'm bout mine money, nigga -- purchase somethingI acquired a few 5ths, I gained a couple of 9'sHere nigga take one, record a jux and also bring me mineYeah, don't ever before say i don't perform nothing because that you, niggaYou know, don't say i didn't look out for you, knowhatImean?But do sure, nigga, that you go capture some juxWhen you come earlier you gonna have my file for the thang thang, knowhatI'msayin?I don't desire it earlier nigga, don't try to use it then give it back to meCause I might see y'all niggas now running about saying"50 acquiring all this lab money and he won't aid us"Sit tight, nigga, I'm coming, girlfriend know? brand-new shitAll the shit I put out ~ above the mixtapes is because that the mixtapesI obtained a millionOh mine God -- mine shit is so hot right now; I'm in the zone