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Contact facility agents (troubleshooting to it is in performed through customer)

Parts compelled (part numbers space subject come change)

CE instructions

Verifying printer functionality

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Last Updated: 13-Aug-2003

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System error 02:10 is produced when the printer has detected a error in the carriageassembly. This error usually shows up when a publish job has actually been sent to the printer. Causes of this error can include the trailingcable, carriage or the electronicsmodule. Follow the steps noted below to recognize the actual reason of the error and to change the crucial parts.

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Contact facility agents (troubleshooting to it is in performed with customer)

The steps listed below are draft to attain remote resolution of the issue. If the troubleshooting measures below appear to deal with the issue, effort to verify printer use by to press several internal prints. If the issue persists following the procedures below, create a CSO for service.

rotate the printer off, then on to verify the error (if no error occurs, effort to verify functionality). If the error appears or troubles persist, proceed with the remaining steps. making use of the arrow keys highlight the Set-Up menu (icon in lower-right corner of display) and press the get in key. press the increase Arrow crucial and the Enter vital simultaneously. scroll to Service Utilities and also press Enter. role to Unlock Carriage and press Enter. Unplug the printer from the strength source. If one obstruction is found and also removed, plug the strength cord in, revolve the press on and also attempt to verify functionality. If no obstruction was discovered and/or the difficulty persists, generate a CSO for organization (send all required parts as detailed below).

Parts required (part numbers space subject come change)

Part Description

Designjet 500 design Numbers - C7769B, C7770B, C7769C, C7770C

Designjet 800 version Numbers -C7779B, C7780B, C7779C, C7780C

Trailing Cable (Required)

C7769-60295 24 inch models C7770-60274 42 inch models

C7769-60295 24 inch models C7770-60274 42 inch models

Carriage Assembly (Required)



Electronics Module (Required)



NOTE: If Removal and Installation indict are needed for recommendation during any repairs performed, refer to the business Manual.

CE instructions

If any kind of of the troubleshooting steps listed below deal with the problem, attempt to verify functionality. If use is verified, no extr parts have to be replaced.

WARNING: come prevent possible injury, always remove the strength cable from the earlier of the printer before connecting/disconnecting any kind of internal printer cables or performing any kind of repairs.

Visually examine for carriage obstructions and remove as needed. For sure the carriage can move prior to continuing.

NOTE: If you room unable to relax the carriage (using steps 3 and 4 native the section provided above), eliminate the best end-cover and also locate the main business station equipment (lowest the the three white gears listed below the business station) and also rotate it respond to clockwise roughly four revolutions. The carriage assembly need to now be complimentary from the business station.

revolve the printer off, climate on and attempt come verify functionality.

NOTE: In order to properly check and also connect the rolling cable link to the electronic devices module (EMOD), the EMOD have to be gotten rid of from the printer and rotated around 45 levels away from the printer to gain easy access to the cable connections.

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complying with replacement, rotate the press on and also attempt to verify functionality (instructions below). adhering to replacement, verify use as defined below.

Verifying printer functionality

turn the press on. enable initialization to complete. fill media into the printer. from the key front-panel menu, choose the squid menu and press Enter. select Troubleshooting and also press Enter. monitor the indict on the front panel. following a successful troubleshooting plot, printer functionality has been verified.

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