65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard is a structure located in the forest Hills community in Queens, NY. 65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard was built in 1949 and has 6 stories and 180 units.

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Building Facts

Facts 180 units6 stories4 buildingsBuilt in 1949
Building Class D4 Elevator Apartments, cooperative (D4)
District Community district 406City Council ar 29Police Precinct 112
Floor Plans 16 floor plans easily accessible
Documents and also Permits 51 documents and also permits
20 vault sales ($337 every ft² avg, $235,500 avg price)
Rentals Listings 1 active rental ($1,650 avg price)
1 in contract rental ($1,650 avg price)
30 previous rentals ($25 every ft² avg, $1,483 avg price)


Rentals (1)

Unit Price beds Baths ft²
#2D - 65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard $1,650In Contract 3 rooms, 1 bed•1 bath• $1,650In Contract 3 rooms, 1 bed 1 bathtub


M R at 67th Av

0.3 miles

M R at 63rd drive

0.51 miles

E F M R at 71st Av

0.65 miles

at woodland Hills

0.83 miles

M R at Woodhaven Blvd

0.97 miles

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J.H.S. 157 Stephen a. Halsey (06,07,08,09,SE) P.S. 175 the Lynn Gross exploration School (PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE) forest Hills High school (09,10,11,12,SE)
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Underbridge Dog Run

0.34 miles

Yellowstone Park

0.35 miles

Flushing grasslands Corona Park

0.42 miles

Barrier Playground

0.45 miles

MacDonald Park

0.62 miles



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