A balloon is increasing at a continuous speed the 5 ft/s. A boy is cycling along a straight roadway at a rate of 15 ft/s. Once he overcome under the balloon, that is 45 ft above him. How rapid is the distance in between the boy and also the balloon boosting 3 s later?

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balloon is rising at a constant speed of 5ft/s. A boy is cycling along a straight road at a speed of 15ft/s. When he passes under the balloon, it is 45 ft above him. How fast is the distance between the boy and the balloon increasing 3 s... See Answer
A hot-air balloon, top due east at an mean speed of 15 miles per hour and at a constant altitude of 100 feet, passes over an intersection (see the figure).Find an expression because that the distance d (measured in feet) native the balloon come the intersection t seconds... See Answer
Water travel along a straight part of a river typically flows faster in the middle, and the speed slows to almost zero at the banks. Think about a lengthy straight stretch of river flowing north, with parallel banks 40 m apart. If the maximum water speed is 3 mys, we deserve to use a quadratic duty as... See Answer
A hot-air balloon left the floor rising at 4 feet per second. Sixteen secs later, Victoria threw a round straight approximately her girlfriend Colleen in the balloon. At what speed walk she throw the round if it just made it to... See Answer
A vehicle traveling along a straight road is clocked at a number of points. The data indigenous the monitorings are offered in the complying with table, wherein the time is in seconds, the distance is in feet, and the speed is in feet per second a. Usage a Hermite polynomial to predict the place of the auto and its... View Answer
(4) allow f(w) and w(z) be smooth attributes from C ? C. Let h(z) = f (w(2)). (a) display that Of dw Of dw dz dw dz du dz (b) let h(2) = e²²+3z3 find . + sin(z. 2) dz watch Answer
The balance sheet consists of assets, liabilities, and equity. Define each classification and provide two instances of account reported within every category. See Answer
The following data space for 4 independent process-costing departments. Input are included uniformly. Required:Compute the identical units of production for every of the coming before departments utilizing the load averagemethod. Check out Answer
The volume of a cube is increasing at a rate of 10 cm3/min. How fast is the surface area increasing when the size of an leaf is 30 cm? watch Answer
find points p and Q top top the parabola y = 1 - x2 so the the triangle ABC created by the x-axis and the tangent lines at ns and Q is an it is intended triangle. (See the figure.) view Answer
consider the complying with research concerns or hypotheses. What variables need to be measure in...... ... Cold they will certainly spend much less time shopping than once the keep is warm. D. Product price is associated positively to product quality. E. Customer perceptions of value from a service provider are... Watch Answer
It has been stated that “a mechanism without good documentation is worthless.” carry out support because that this statement. Then discuss how today’s advanced tools could alleviate the documentation burden. See Answer
arrowhead Distributing Corp. (See Table) likes to monitor inventory by making use of weeks of supply also as...... ... By inventory turnover.(a) What is its weeks of supply?(b) What percent of Arrow’s assets room committed to inventory?(c) What is Arrow’s list turnover?(d) Is Arrow’s supply-chain... View Answer
Wal-Mart Stores detailed the following disclosure in a recent yearly report. Brand-new accounting...... ... Level to which Wal-Mart’s vault revenue plan was continuous with the revenue acknowledgment principle.(c) If all retailers had used a revenue recognition policy similar to Wal-Mart’s before... View Answer

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Crankwell Inc. Is preparing its yearly financial statements and also annual report come stockholders....... ... 1. Identify the essential facets of a contingent liability. 2. Describe how a contingent liability have to be discover in the jae won statements. C. Explain how a subsequent event may relate... View Answer