I am having trouble figuring the end what formulas to use, and what steps to follow to resolve these. Thanks for help!


(a) What is the radius the a bobsled revolve banked in ~ 75.0° and also taken in ~ 30.0 m/s, assuming the is ideally banked? (b) What is the centripetal acceleration? (c) What is the centripetal pressure on a 100. Kg rider? (d) exactly how does this compare to his weight?


Futurists project huge space stations i beg your pardon would turn so regarding use centripetal acceleration to simulate gravity. The outer wall surface of the rotating an are station would come to be a floor for the astronauts, and centripetal acceleration supplied by the floor would enable astronauts come exercise and maintain muscle and also bone strength an ext naturally 보다 in non-rotating room environments such together the current International room station. (a) If the an are station to be 200. M in diameter, what velocity would develop an “artificial gravity” the 9.80 m/s2 in ~ the rim? (b) What is this worth in transformations per minute?

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Problem 9 can be done using a free body diagram with equivalent force equations. Tilt the axes such that x is parallel to the ramp and y is perpendicular to the ramp. Regular force and also gravity are attracted as usual and also mg is broken into x and also y components. The tricky part is the centripetal force: this will certainly have components in the x and y directions also (must exist in the x-direction come balance mgcos(theta)). Recognize what these contents are v relation come theta and also use Fc = mv2 /r like usual in her x-force equation to uncover the radius. Centripetal acceleration deserve to be found by just plugging the value in to v2 /r, and also force through mv2 /r... The remainder is quite simple.

10 is just setup v2 /r =9.8 and also solving. Transform the answer indigenous m/s come rev/min by convert from m/s ->rad/s->rev/min

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