As component of a crossover with last Fantasy XV, Assassin’s Creed Origins has actually a brand-new side quest referred to as A Gift indigenous the Gods. As part of this special mission, you will should solve a sundial puzzle the you find out in the middle of the desert. It’s a little odd, v not a many cluse to go off, however if you settle it you get some practiced rewards.

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How to fix the Sundial Puzzle

To uncover the sundial puzzle, girlfriend will very first need to head out right into the desert area that Saqqara Nome to a small green diamond icon. This symbol is an indicator because that the side quest, A Gift indigenous the Gods, and also has a recommended level the 23.


When you acquire to the marker, you’ll see a meteorite fight the ground. Head over to the landing site and investigate the rock to have Bayek an alert an entrance right into a tomb. Going inside the tomb will expose a wall with some amazing markings. This begins the sundial puzzle.

Return outside and go over to the giant sundial to your left. This sundial is consisted of of a single tall shaft with number of smaller pillars around it in a semicircle. In bespeak to fix this sundial puzzle, you must use the Dawn & Dusk skill to skip forward with time – friend will have to use it until it is dawn.


As quickly as dawn hits, look in ~ the sundial and three the the smaller sized pillar’s challenge panels will descend right into the ground, revealing blue glow crystals. Situate the crystal straight opposite the sundial (the one in the facility of the semicircle) and also equip your bow and also arrow. Fire three arrows at the crystal and also all 3 pillars will light up, shoot beams into the sky.


If girlfriend shoot the not correct crystal and also the panels close up, usage the Dawn & Dusk skill again come skip to an additional dawn and shot again. Once the sundial is activated, head earlier to the tomb. ~ above entering, you’ll uncover that the method is currently clear, revealing a depths chamber.


Walk ideal up to the ago of the chamber, rise the steps, and interact through the strange, glowing object at the top. After ~ a short cutscene, you will certainly be bonus with 3 legendary items:

Ultima Blade, 3/4 crucial hit rate, 3/4 adrenaline on regeneration, health and wellness for CriticalZiedrich shield, 3/4 ranged resistance, 3/4 damage absorption rate, Bleeding ~ above BlockKweh mount

With the presents in her inventory, you’re cost-free to leave the tomb and continue on her way. The sundial puzzle in Assassin’s Creed beginnings is a little bit peculiar, yet it’s precious taking the time to complete the puzzle, especially if you’re a pan of final Fantasy.

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