"Allow me to ask you this... Did you truly think that repeating the very same arrangement and also the very same mistakes would defeat me?"

"I was stuck in a rut and also I was foolish for not even reasoning of somepoint else..."

On the Island of Patch, a 10-year-old girl with dark brown hair and silver eyes watched in anguish from amuch as her residence shed and also the bodies of her parental fees were being dragged away by a large muscular-looking Grimm.

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This girl's name was Jade Pines. Daughter of Ruby Rose and also Osautomobile Pines.

"Have you heard of Causality?"

"Of course, it's the partnership in between reason and also effect"

Jade would have actually run and tried to conserve her parental fees, but her aunt was holding her back.

Her aunt, who had short white hair and also was now also in a little of a poor condition, she was bleeding from her stomach and also she had actually a large spike in her leg.

"Yes, you check out, the cause of your inaction in vale had the effect of me winning, the cause of your lies gave the impact that you might not be trusted, the reason of ideals between your pawns had the impact of them separating up and wasting their time"

"I'm sorry Jade..." She whispered, "I'm so sorry..."

"Yes, yes, yes, I understand, however the same can be sassist for you"

Her aunt had actually knocked her out and also every little thing went black.

But the scene of her burned house.

"What are you speaking of?"

"The cause of Cinders ambition had the effect of shedding the majority of of your very own pawns, the cause of your ruthlessness had actually the impact of humanity and fauna to come together and also fight a prevalent foe..."

the bodies of her mother and also father being dragged away and also taken by Grimm.

The smell of smoke and also the feeling of agony and also additionally pure hatred in her body would forever be imprinted upon her incredibly heart...

"And the reason of that night via young Jade had the impact of your downfall"

"I suppose you are ideal... But you forget that the flow of Causality likewise got up via those 2 fools"

"That it did... That it did"





It's currently been 4 months given that her paleas passed away, and her Aunt had actually begun to raise her. However before, both Jade and also her aunt had changed both Mentally and Physically.

Her aunt's once white lengthy hair was now reduced in pixie-reduced and also her right eye and also parts of the location about it was scared because of the burns that she had experienced that night. She didn't cover it up, for whatever factor, Jade didn't understand. She currently wore a grey t-shirt and also over that was a black jacket, she additionally wore a pair of babsence skintight pants with a pair of heeled babsence boots.

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Jade had grown too, still, at the age of 10, Her hair was cut to shoulder-length and she likewise started to have actually exceptionally light brown highlights and also she wore Black tinted sunglasses to hid her silver eyes, "For her own good" Her Aunt told her and also she likewise wore a sidemethods cross necklace approximately her neck. She presently wore a jade-green sleeveless shirt/hoodie, a pair of dark purple shorts, and also babsence stockings through some small rips and also tears on her legs, and a pair of black and also green shoes.