if exploring old Greece in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you’ll pretty much never operation out of points to do. In between the key storyline, next quests, mercenaries, dismantling a cult, searching wild animals, managing your gear, and also looking for love, the job of a proto-Assassin room full.

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But with all of those options comes a question: What must I invest my an useful time doing? The answer is mainly side quests, and also this overview is below to help you understand various type of side quests obtainable — including why you’d desire to carry out them and what you gain for perfect them.

Side quests

Side pursuits are the most plentiful and also obvious activities in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, however they still take a tiny work come understand. We’ll break them down in stimulate by (our meaning of their) complexity.

article boards are prefer Craigslist, yet with fewer couches and about the same amount of murder. Ubisoft via katifund.org Message plank quests. The side pursuits you discover on the article boards (actually the plinth of a statue) in part towns room bounties — it’s significant on your map v a black diamond icon with three horizontal lines within (like a hamburger food selection icon). You’ll see a perform of murder-based jobs and, if you hover over each, you’ll view their rewards — commonly drachmae, XP, and also some resources. Notably, this contracts space a great way to earn orichalcum ore to usage at Oikos’ shop for unique gear. You’ll find him in Pilgrim’s Landing in Phokis.
Timed searches reward you with drachmae and resources — and you acquire to keep anything girlfriend loot in the process. Ubisoft via katifund.org Timed Quests and also Impact Quests. You’ll check out these pursuits pop up on your map together you check out (usually in or around cities). Lock bite-sized quests marked with a black diamond icon with one of two people an hourglass or a branching arrowhead inside. The intricacy ranges native handing out some drachmae to death a marauding be affected by each other to, unsurprisingly, murder. You will do it usually gain some drachmae and resources for her trouble.
You deserve to see the rewards the quest will give you in her menu. Ubisoft via katifund.org Side Quests. Next quests present up on your map as black color diamond symbols with yellow borders and also yellow exclamation clues inside. Side pursuits are comprehensive time invest — usually involving multiple locations and also sometimes also spawning many sub-side quests. Some even tie into (or at the very least support) the key storyline to some extent. Castle a lot bigger than any type of of the other side quests, however they come with lot bigger rewards.

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Side searches are a good way to pick up some lot better-than-average equipment — typically something epos or legendary — that will last you v a few levels.