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Adam Cahan net worth is $13 Million

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Adam Cahan is consumer modern technology executive who at this time serves together the an elderly Vice chairman of Mobile and also Emerging commodities for Yahoo. At Yahoo, he oversees product, engineering and also design for Yahoo’s mobile assets globally , Flickr and also Connected Television.Adam concerned Yahoo in 2011 through the salvation of IntoNow a patented customer application, wherein he was the founder and also chief executive, management officer. Prior to building IntoNow, Adam to be CEO of Auditude, as video clip infrastructure and advertisement serving agency which was acquired by Adobe. In his ahead career, Adam was an executive Vice chairman of Strategy and also Business Operations for MTV Networks, and has hosted leadership roles at Google, McKinsey & Company, and NBC Universal. Adam began his career as an associate producer and also wildlife filmmaker because that National geographic Television, in the autonomous Republic that Congo, Africa.Adam holds 2 patents "Restoring Program details from Clips of transfer Programs mutual Online" and "Media identification system with fingerprint database well balanced according to find loads" Adam resides in san Francisco, California. The holds one undergraduate degree from Brown University and also an MBA indigenous Columbia business School through Beta Gamma Sigma Honors.
Net Worth$13 Million
Date that Birth1972
Place that BirthNew York City, new York, USA
ProfessionMiscellaneous Crew, Camera Department, Producer
NicknamesAdam Cahan, Cahan, Adam

1His girlfriend, supermodel ann Vyalitsyna, provided birth to their daughter Alaska ~ above June 25, 2015.

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