AF-S5300M Airscape Sierra entirety House single Ducted Fans room made with high quality aircraft class construction. Moves approximately 5350 CFM to cool the home and can enhance air quality. Basic to install, saves energy and money. Assembled in the USA.

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Not compatible v arc error circuit breakers.

Ships within Continental united state only

The AF-S5300M Airscape Sierra 5300 totality House Fan is just one of the most an effective Single Ducted entirety House Fans. It features a custom-designed noise reduction motorized damper doors v R49 insulation the seal tight as soon as not in use. The 5350 CFM* 10-speed fan gives cooling because that the home and can enhance indoor waiting quality. The Sierra offers quiet cooling and also easy surroundings (fits 16 and also 24 customs on center joists. Made through high-quality plane grade materials. Assembled in the USA.
R49 mechanical Damper Seals Tight.10-speed Soft Touch control With built-in 12 hour timer.3 Year Parts restricted Warranty, 3 Year vouch on pan motorQuiet Cooling at just 56 DBA top top its highest settingOptional far (not had with purchase)California title 24 CompliantMade in The USA
*CFM rates were measure in a controlled test environment. Outcomes will vary due to building construction.

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