This image of the internal of a Terre Haute ALDI store reflects what customers deserve to expect of the recently remodeled keep at 7325 S. Anthony Blvd., fort Wayne.

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ALDI planned to welcome ago shoppers come its renovated fort Wayne store when it reopened in ~ 9 a.m. Might 6. The store, at 7325 S. Anthony Blvd., is component of an ongoing initiative to remodel and expand currently ALDI stores nationwide. The fort Wayne store will be open 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Daily.

• The update store offers an enhanced layout and ample refrigeration come accommodate an broadened fresh and convenient food selection.

• It also features open up ceilings, organic lighting and is constructed with environmentally friendly materials.

“ALDI continues to prioritize remodeling stores v one score in mind: to administer the finest grocery to buy experience,” Laura Bauer, Greenwood department vice president for ALDI, said in the news release. “We space excited for ft Wayne citizens to see the to update location, particularly designed to make shopping also easier, yet ALDI fans deserve to rest assured the the high-quality products and also unbeatable value ALDI provides will remain unchanged.”

Bauer i will not ~ say exactly how much the company spent top top the ft Wayne’s save remodeling, citing agency policy top top its invest strategy.

A common ALDI save is almost 12,000 square feet of retail space. In addition to providing a clean and also safe purchase environment, that food and household essentials include healthy, convenient options and a robust choice of produce delivered fresh everyday to stores.

The private-label pioneer “consistently maintains low prices by working through the finest partners come curate a selection of more than 90% exclusive brands, and also ALDI promises its commodities are as great as or much better than nationwide brands.”

ALDI also continues to boost its e-commerce presence. ALDI grocery distribution reaches nearly 200 million american across an ext than 10,000 ZIP codes. Last year ~ the COVID-19 pandemic began, ALDI mobilized to meet the growing demand for grocery pickup at almost 700 stores throughout the country. ALDI likewise remains focused on broadening curbside pickup come even much more stores. Visit to place an order.

ALDI likewise has shop in ft Wayne at 4750 Coldwater Road, i beg your pardon reopened in 2017 after a major renovation; 4466 Illinois Road across from Jefferson Pointe, that newest location, which had actually its opened delayed last feather by the COVID-19 pandemic; and also 10007 Lima Road near Dupont Road.

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