This trophy will certainly unlock upon perfect of the quest, All of mine Friends have actually Off Switches.

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This quest can be believed of as a “collectible” quest. It is purely dependent ~ above locating each of the personality chips and installing castle in the Think Tank. This chips will certainly look favor holotapes and they will found in numerous locations roughly the huge MT. Your search journal will certainly be separated into several measures towards a set order come retrieve these holotapes. Beginning with the Sink, Auto-Doc and also the organic Research Station. Followed by the irradiate Switches and also Jukebox. Then ultimately the Toaster, Muggy and also Book Chute. You deserve to pick them every up anytime regardless of just how your search journal list them. Describe the list listed below for the areas of where you can uncover all the holotapes:

Sink Module Personality ChipYou’ll get this ~ above your first conversation in the Think Tank. This should be installed an initial before you space able to download the remainder of the personality chips.Sink Project: SinkMagnetohydraulics link - In a room north of the mapSink Project: Auto-DocY-17 medical Facility - on a ago desk in front of a broken console ~ above the soil floorSink Project: biological Research StationX-22 botanical Garden - close to the ground stairwell on a plank close to a hotplateSink Project: JukeboxHouse #108 in Higg's town - Upstairs ~ above the bedroom deskSink Project: publication ChuteHouse #101 in Higg's town - Upstairs close to a terminal in the 2nd room.Sink Project: light Switch 01X-2 Transmitter Antenna variety - top top a desk on the floor floorSink Project: irradiate Switch 02Big MT phibìc Tunnel - near a toolbox within a keep room top top entering the facility.Sink Project: MuggySecuritron De-Construction plant - Right external this place there will certainly be a truck and also the tape will certainly be top top the flatbed.

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Sink Project: ToasterCuckoo's colony - There will be Toaster “shrine” in the rear of this ar where the tape will certainly be near some candles.

You can likewise refer come the video clip for every holotape location:

Once girlfriend have gathered each the the chips, return to the Think Tank to download them to complete this quest. Describe my video clip for each of the Sink Project characters you will have to activate to unlock this trophy after installation the early Sink Module Personality Chip: