Alright!Kick ago, relax and grab yourself a beverageOr hop if you desire to just bounce to my leverageThe evidence as they say is in the puddingSo display me the money prefer my name is Cuba GoodingIt ain't fools gold, its gold, foolCan't stop won't speak keeping it old college.. SOOO COOL!!Big Spoon is my nom de plumeI save it popping like a needle in a brand-new balloonand if you don't recognize by now then you need more schoolin'Let loose kid, acquire stupid.Got more flavor then I understand what to execute withSo obtain your hands up if you're component of the movementand bump to the bump to the baseline.I made it rock before your phone had actually FacetimeYes-sirree, you know my steezeI continue to be fresh to fatality like I'm drowning in Febreze Up up and away we goUp up and it's making me glowUp up and ameans we goUp up, I'm liking itUp up and also away! Up and awayI'm in pilot modeOne step ahead on this xylophoneThat suggests I boss fartherstop doh on Bart's fatherHome overhead and also I'm all storyAll eyes on your boyand also I'm short article sideWait until you're external, it's a more live-rLet me open up favor this boy-knockerShow you exactly how I lay it dvery own, Boy so properNo scholar yet much classI'm jump felt under your nose choose a mustache, my pet splashEquivalent of a bend-zo, M ClassSo fly my wardrobe, speak to me jet lagCash my dough reason my hook claims fresh crackSo dope I'm a certified meth labPet nab has been that it acquired been freshAll eyes on my pan game, PintrestThat journal holla fame dollar gameSomepoint massive prefer wallets, you pocket changeAll about pcitizens no politicianBut eextremely huge face need your running mate Up up and also ameans we goUp up and it's making me glowUp up and also ameans we goUp up, I'm liking itUp up and away! Hello nurse, let me burst on this verseI rock stable but I never before rehearseAnd eexceptionally verse I job-related is ideal on the moneyYo I obtained more raps than a mummy, Honey!This be the boogie to jump begin your ventriclesStrapped on the track prefer tentaclesI put the squeeze on these other MC'sCutting imitators off at the knees, Oh Please!The way I'm ripping it upI never before let up so host on to your busAnd I'm gonna to wake you up, show you how it's doneI'll kick your swagger in the athletic cup, son!I'm blessed to be spittin' these rhymesInstead of sitting in a cubicle shedding my mindSo this is my time to shineAnd I'm gonna execute it so brightI'll make Bustas go blind Up up and also amethod we goUp up and it's making me glowUp up and ameans we goUp up, I'm liking itUp up and also away!YES!