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I'm a girl! Sorry if that makes this review irrelevant or anything. I would like to say that the animation is the only area where this hentai falls flat, but it isn't. The whole thing feels very rushed, with minimal artwork and no detail, just everything in block colours with some shading, if they remember. The dialogue is the sort where any hentai-eer wouldn't even need subtitles to understand what they are saying; it is that generic. Even for a hentai, the story is poor, with a literal "meet and fuck" atmosphere about it. I can list all the things that made me dislike this episode, but what is most frustrating is that it managed to get some things right, and so we get a brief glimpse of what it could have been, if it had followed through. And that's what saddens me the most. With the theme and everything, it could have been so much more.The story is just as much as you would get from live-action porn. Two characters with obvious roles have sex. We have the married Yui and the student Ryouichi, and so it heavily caters to the NTR fetish, which is neither here nor there for me. I feel like even if I had been into NTR, I would have been even more disappointed since I would have been excited at the prospect and theme, and underwhelmed at the execution, style and the lazy attempt at catering to it by a few references to her husband. "Does this mean I'm better than your husband? Couldn't you just do this with your husband?" You get the idea. Everything about this hentai screams "shallow!" since it feels so half-assed and uninspired. It did manage to hit a niche of mine, however, where she comes onto him while he is playing a videogame, and pleasures him as he plays. I liked that part, but yet again the bad animation just let it down massively. It was a shame, since I think they had something good there. The ear biting and handjob as he played was strung together nicely, but the crappy dialogue and clunky animation made it balance out as a mediocre scene even though the idea was good. The scene in the bathroom did absolutely nothing for me, although I can't speak for everyone since it caters to the urine/squirting fetish, which I don't personally have.The art is definitely the worst aspect of this series. Firstly, the censoring is lazy and goes over the lines the way cheap hentai does, and is distracting a lot of the time. The character designs were actually nice, especially that of Yui, although it also backfired spectacularly since you have this beautiful woman who is almost always out of proportion or moving so clunkily that you just can't take the sex scene seriously. Her mouth moves when she isn't speaking and vice versa, like a lot of older hentai does. Luckily, this seems to be being rectified in modern titles. Yui is also painfully pale. She looks like a vampire or something. This is like a Hotaruko level of paleness. Her red lips don't help with her bad colouring. The animation is also very slow. This is a problem I actually haven't come across before. Every scene is amazingly lacklustre since even if the content had been any good, the slow, boring pace would have ruined any sense of anticipation you may have gathered together. It also has a bad habit of pairing slow animations or still frames with a fast-moving "action-lines" background to try to help with the representation of fast movement with their small budget. It didn't work. The background and foreground just look mismatched and it just highlights how boring the actual animation is. Almost every frame was out of proportion one way or another, which was my worst nightmare since I draw/paint a lot, and so I see these things easily and they bother me because I always have to be aware of them in my own work. Overall, very awkward, clunky, movements. Even by hentai standards. Whenever it tried to switch up the angles it was too random, like mid-sentence. It always took me by surprise and ruined what little rhythm the scene had.One animation of boring missionary is repeated for a tedious 14 seconds. It was so unnaturally long that I rewound the video and counted on my fingers how long the animation was ("rewound the video" shows my mental age, huh?).Angles and positions of body parts don't make any sense. At one point it looked like he must have been penetrating her navel. Yeah... animation was terrible.I won't even mention the music since the same "porn jazz" music is played on repeat throughout the whole thing. It actually managed to grate on me. The voice acting wasn't memorable or worth noting in my opinion. Very standard fare, but not bad by any stretch. The only thing I will say about the VA was a problem with the editing, not the seiyuu. Ryouichi is distractingly quiet in the sack, except for when he says his lines. It doesn't add up since he is silent the entire time, not even any heavy breathing; yet you get this aroused, breathy voice when he speaks which doesn't make much sense. The voice directors should have recorded some heavy breathing or grunting for him, rather than neglecting him so much that it becomes unnatural. The last thing that bothered me sound-wise was that the slapping/sloshy noises didn't even match up with the movements. The thrusting was a lot slower than the sound effects, which gives me the idea that they slowed every animation down to fit the time slot and save money. This is all conjecture, though.The actual seduction techniques on Yui's part were nice, ear biting etc. although this amounts to nought because the following sex scene is very lazy. It only consists of a handjob, paizuri and a sex scene. It's all mediocre and so middle of the road that they don't manage to address any fetishes other than NTR and pee. Therefore, it will be unsatisfying for most people. When you mix generic ideas and themes with a low budget and bad animation, you get a bad hentai. That's just how it works.