Hi, I'm component of a tiny park. We have a player who has been hitting pretty hard, breaking weapons, confront shots ( he asserted the target ducked once they didn't). He has actually left bruises and also broken tools on other people. We've tried questioning him to traction his shots however he doesn't. We right now do not have actually a reeve therefore we've all been pitching into police each various other until one of us gets the moment to get qualified. He's been throwing really heavy power shots and also other world have to be diving in prior of them to protect those that can't take care of the force. If we shot to contact him on any kind of of his shots that argues and claims that we play, fake or p*ssy amtgard, and that the video game is going to sh*t. The human being who trained that (a household member) is banned native the game for similar things indigenous my present understanding. Is there anyway we can handle this? I'm pretty unfamiliar v the combat rules as I mainly craft.

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Warn him the he will be prohibition if he continues. It's best in the rules, weapons that leaving bruises space illegal regardless of whether or no they are developed legally. His attitude and aggression perform not make for an overly welcome atmosphere, and also while correctly you could lose a player or two as such player gift banned, you'll lose a lot an ext players in the long run that come out, acquire hit through this guy repeatedly and also decide to quit due to the fact that he's as well violent. Password of command 6 is what you space looking at, producing a hostile atmosphere to the hinderance of the group as a whole.

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Juju Hex Mojo

Honestly? ban him.

The code of command exists for this precise reason. It sounds choose he may conveniently be violating CoC 2, and 5, and also 6. If you're unwilling to do so (maybe since you fear reprisal, or whatever), bang it as much as the Kingdom level, and let them understand you'd choose him banned and also the reasons for it and also hope they do the best thing and also take treatment of the issue for you.

Here is the CoC in a bit much more detail (though you must read all of page 4 the the RoP):

Amtgard strives to maintain a fun, friendly, welcoming setting for maturation players. Because of this the following habits are not acceptable and may cause ban indigenous combat or attending:

Speech that would reason a reasonable human to are afraid for their property or safety.

Physical violence external of the common bounds the combat conduct.

Sexual harassment or inappropriate sex-related contact.

Theft or willful damage of other peoples' property.

Repeated unwillingness to follow game rules.

Creating a hostile environment detrimental come the enjoyment that the team as a whole. This has engaging in online or in human being harassment.

Violating the Amtgard Youth protection Policy.

The Monarch, through the joint agreement of one of two people the element Minister or the Guildmaster the Reeves, might ban a player from their team (and subgroups) for any of the reasons including, however not restricted to, the list above at their discretion for any amount of time they feeling appropriate. Any Monarch, through the joint agreement of one of two people the element Minister or the Guildmaster of Reeves, may finish a ban on a player at any time with the exemption that a park Monarch may not overturn a half instituted at the Kingdom level.

It take away a joint covenant of the monarch + afternoon or GMoR (or both) to half someone indigenous play. At the local level, this is normally "the officers" (since regional GMoR's aren't often a thing), but it depends on just how your regional park is collection up.

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It deserve to suck to make the call, however honestly your park will certainly be healthy for the in the lengthy run.