Life without unexpected occasions would it is in an exceptionally dull experience. The very same goes because that gaming, after all, a little party never killed nobody. Therefore, to make your gaming journey much more fun and vivid, developers have included some random events to Stardew valley to shake things up. One of these surprising occasions is An explosion was heard in the night message.

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Stardew sink Meteorite

When you space asleep, strange things can happen. Your life can change overnight for better or worse. Throughout the night, some random occasions can happen. In fact, in Stardew Valley, over there is a range of strange events that can take place while you room asleep.

However, us will focus on Stardew sink Meteorite explosion. 

This occasion rarely happens, and also when us say rarely, we talk 1% chance. Top top the other hand, once it walk happen, that looks pretty fascinating, or scary – depends on what form of human you are.

“An explosion to be heard in the night…”


It is morning. You space in bed at your farm. The first message you get is: “An explosion to be heard in the night…” 

We agree you have seen much better days. But, it is what the is. The following logical action is to check what happened. Wherein did that eight come from? Is over there some damage made to your farm?

Long story quick – the explosion comes from Meteorite, which looks favor this.

YouTube Printscreen/An explosion to be heard in the night

The Meteorite hits a randomly favored 3×3 area ~ above the farm. It also explores to watch if there’s a 2×2 area within. The 2×2 are must not contain any kind of water, objects the block movement, buildings, source clumps, or animals. If there is no such 2×2 area, climate the event does nothing.

The sound impact of explode plays and also a meteorite shows up the following day top top the farm. Intend to watch your crops, or paths in the area the the explosion destroyed. This can ruin your agriculture plans, particularly if the crops you were taking care of, can bring you an ext profit than the loot from the meteorite.

How come despawn the Meteorite?

Meteorites space not fully useless. Lock can bring you some good, if you have actually the right tool to despawn them.

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To execute that, you will require a Gold pickaxe, or also stronger one to mine. The fewer hits an axe requires the far better capacity to gain the job done the has. For example, a yellow Pickaxe needs 7 access time from her side, while Iridium Pickaxe will take friend one hit much less to despawn the unanticipated guest on your farm.

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