To add on to the end of one object; because that example, to add records come the end of an present table.

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AutoNumber Data typeA data kind the defines a distinctive sequential or random number assigned by accessibility as each record is entered and that is beneficial for data that has no distinctive field that have the right to be thought about unique.
Best FitAn access commmand the adjusts the broad of a pillar to accommodate the column's longest entry.
Blank desktop computer DatabaseA database that has no data and also has no database tools- friend must develop the data and the tools as you require them.
CaptionA property setting that displays a surname for a ar in a table, query, form, or report various other than that provided as the field name.
Common FieldA ar in one or much more tables that stores the exact same data.
Currency Data TypeAn accessibility data form that describes monetary values and numeric data that can be supplied in mathematics calculations entailing data v one to four decimal places.
DataFacts about people, events, things, or ideas.
Data SourceThe table or tables native which a form, query, or report retrieves the data.
Data TypeThe characteristics that specifies the kind of data that deserve to be gone into into a field, such together numbers, text, or dates.
DatabaseAn organized collection the facts about people, events, things, or principles related to a particular topic or purpose.
Database administration System (DBMS)Database software that controls just how related collection of data are stored, organized, retrieved, and secured; additionally known together a DBMS.
Database TemplateA preformatted database designed for a details purpose.
Datasheet ViewThe access view that screens data arranged in columns and rows comparable to one Excel worksheet.
Design ViewAn access view that displays the comprehensive structure that a query, form, or report; because that forms and also reports, might be the see in i m sorry some work must it is in performed, and only the controls, and not the data, display screen in this view.
Destination TableThe table come which you income or append data.
FieldA single piece of info that is stored in every record and also formatted together a obelisk in a database table.
Field PropertiesCharacteristics the a field that regulate how the ar displays and also how data can be gotten in in the field.
First rule of good Database DesignA principle of good database design stating the data is organized in tables so that there is no redundancy data.
Flat DatabaseA straightforward database paper that is not related or connected to any kind of other collection of data.
FormAn accessibility object you have the right to use to enter new records right into a table, modify or delete existing records in a table, or display screen existing records.
Form ViewThe access tool that creates a type with a single mouse click, i m sorry includes all of the areas from the underlying data source.
ImportThe process of coying data from another file, such together a indigenous table or one Excel workbook, right into a separate file, such as an accessibility database.
InformationData that is organized in a advantageous manner.
Layout ViewThe accessibility view in i beg your pardon you have the right to make alters to a kind or report while the object is to run - the data indigenous the underlying data source displays.
LinkA connection to data in another file.
Multiple-Items FormA type that permits you to display screen or go into multiple records in a table.
Navigation AreaAn area at the bottom the the Access home window that indicates the number of records in the table and also contains controls with which you deserve to navigate among the records.
Navigation PaneAn area the the Access home window that displays and organizes the name of the objects in a database; indigenous here, you open up objects because that use.
NormalizationThe process of using design rules and also principles come ensure the your database performs together expected.
Object WindowAn area the the Access home window that displays open objects, such together tables, forms, queries, or reports; through default, every object screens on its own tab.
ObjectsThe basic parts that a database that you develop to save your data and also to job-related with her data; for example, tables, develops ,queries, and also reports.
PopulateThe activity of pour it until it is full a database table with records.
Primary KeyThe field that uniquely identifies a document in a table; because that example, a college student ID number at a college.
QueryA database object that retrieves certain data from one or more database objects- one of two people tables or other queries- and then, in a solitary datasheet, screens only the data you specify.
RecordAll that the categories of data pertaining come one person, place, thing, event, or idea, and also which is formatted together a row in a database table.
Record Selector BarThe bar at the left sheet of a record when it is presented in a form, and also which is provided to select whole record.
Record Selector BoxThe small box at the left that the record in Datasheet view that, when clicked, selects the whole record.
RedundantIn a database, details that is repeated in a manner that indicates bad database design.
Relational DatabaseA sophisticated type of database that has multiple collections of data in ~ the file that are pertained to one another.
ReportA database object the summarizes the fields and also records indigenous a table or ask in a easy-to-read format an ideal for printing.
RunThe process in which accessibility searches the documents in the table contained in the query design, find the documents that match the specified criteria, and then diplays the documents in a datasheet; just the areas that have actually been included niter query design displays.
Second rule of an excellent Database DesignA rule stating that appropriate database techniques are used to certain the accuracy that data entered into a table.
Select QueryA kind of accessibility query the retrieves data from one or much more tables or queries, displaying the selected data in the datasheet; also know together a straightforward select query.
Simple pick QueryAnother surname for a select query.
Single-Record FormA type that permits you to display or go into one record at a time in a table.
Source FileWhen importing a file, refers to the record being imported.
StructureIn Access, the underlying style of table, including field names, data types, descriptions, and also field properties.
TableThe database objects that stores data arranged in an plan of columns and also rows, and which is the foundation of an accessibility database.
Tables and also Related ViewsAn plan in the navigating Pane that groups object through the table come which they room related.
TruncatedRefers to data that is reduced off or shortened.

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WizardA function in Microsoft Office that walks you action by action through a process.
Custom net appa database the you have the right to publish and also share through others over the Internet
DBMSan acronym because that database management system
Exportthe process of copy data indigenous one document into one more file, such as an accessibility table into an Excel spreadsheet
Number data typean accessibility data form that explains numbers that could be supplied in calculations
Object tabin the thing window, a tab the identifies the object and also which permits you to make the open object active
Property Sheeta perform of characteristics-- properties-- for fields or controls top top a form or report in which you deserve to make an exact changes to every property associated with the field or control
Secure environmenta mechanism that uses managed servers to ensure the security and privacy that email, to manage the storage and use that information and to protect against the loss of cofidential data
Servera computer system that offers services top top a network such as an e-mail server or a record server
SharePointa Microsoft application offered for setup up websites come share and manage documents
Short text data typean access data form that explains text, a combination of text and also numbers, or numbers that space not provided in calculations, such together a Postal Code