I"ve make a custom album/playlist and imported that onto mine SD card on my phone. However, when I got to play the playlist, not only does it break up the album by artist, the won"t even play in order. Every song has actually a monitor number, but it seems to be ignoring this. Exactly how I have the right to I acquire it for this reason the album is grouped with each other regardless of artist and also have it play the playlist in track order?

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Sort through "time". Pick an album and set it. The will readjust the settings once playing the songs in the database. It will certainly re-order the song to the means they were invited onto the memory card. They were originally loaded through a time rubber stamp in sequential order, with one being slightly older 보다 the other. It appears to be ignoring the proper order. The is how I gained it to occupational without downloading one more player. Nothing worse than trying come play "The Wall" out of order!


To play every songs by one artist as soon as in Artist view, click the snapshot or album arts to the left of your name. This will start playing a arbitrarily song and then you deserve to click the Mini Player at the bottom and also you should then see the option to shuffle if it"s not currently enabled.


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