Dementia is a mix of problems that result in impaired brain functions, impacting cognitive efforts such as judgment, memory, and social skills. This abilities can become impaired come a point where day-to-day functioning is changed drastically. An Angel"s Touch staff is trained to treatment for residents suffering from this conditions, providing active treatment to ensure a hopeful living environment for your loved one and those approximately them.

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People suffering from Alzheimer"s condition are no only typically robbed of simple human functioning, but likewise one the the many precious things any type of of us deserve to have, and also that is our Memories! together the condition progresses, symptoms obtain worse. An Angel"s Touch exists to provide the quality care that the individual needs to tho laugh, reap life, and feel valuable. Our goal is to aid keep our citizens healthy and also happy with a emotion of true comfort just like home!

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An Angel"s Touch located in Omaha, Nebraska specializes in Alzheimer"s and also issues pertained to Alzheimer"s. Us are here to boost your loved one"s quality of life.
We recognize your love ones are necessary to you! in ~ An Angel"s Touch Omaha, we focus on providing all of our clients v the best possible care for their elderly loved ones. Our method is to involve anyone in the care process, causing the development of an aided living neighborhood that members room not only proud to be a part of, however a ar where everyone is comfortable, happy, and also truly feel at home. Ours mission is to provide all that our citizens with the highest quality that care, and an elderly living in Omaha, make sure all of their requirements are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible in their brand-new home.An Angel"s Touch has actually been offering Omaha, NE, and also surrounding locations with height quality an elderly care choices since 1998, and we space proud to be a component of the regional community. Our professional services have constantly put the requirements of our residents as our first priority. Our solutions are competitively priced, and also you have the right to feel comfortable understanding that her loved one is for sure in the hands of our hand-picked staff. Our employee members all have experience functioning with inhabitants suffering from dementia and are required to maintain proceeding education credits related to the disease. We strive to administer our inhabitants with the many comfortable environment possible, finish with delicious, healthy, house cooked meals and also planned activities.We are a Residential assisted Living for persons v Alzheimer"s and also related dementia. The residential principle is a wonderful setting for calming a confused mind. Our goal is come encourage our citizens to take part in their own activities of day-to-day living because that as long as they probably can. Your happiness, as well as the delight of your loved ones, and their tranquility of mind is very important come us. Our passionate and courteous caregivers understand how critical it is to create a funny environment, specifically for civilization who live v Alzheimer"s or dementia. All of our employee prioritize comfort and also safety, which is why we strive to administer our citizens with definite advantages when it involves being cared for by ours staff. Contact today, and also see how we can assist your family.
Since 1998 we have been a leader in the industry about top quality senior care. Our technique is come involve everyone in the treatment process, whereby everyone is comfortable, happy, and also truly in ~ home. Us strive to carry out our occupants with the many comfortable environment possible, finish with home cooked meals and also planned activities. Uneven a timeless nursing home, our houses accommodate a preferably of 8 bed in every location. With a 1:4 staff to resident ratio, we are able to provide your love one the attention and treatment the they deserve. Our business is based upon the value that this is their home, and also we treat our residents and also their families in the manner.
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Personal care & Activities

Personal Care
Includes aid with grooming and hygiene, manicures, pedicures, and also all the comforts our have to feel loved and cared for. We have actually a visiting beautician the is fairly priced and also works to fit in her budget.

Provide a healthy and balanced diet, a wide variety, balance, and also moderation. Every meals are served family style. We encourage our inhabitants to take part in enjoy the meal preparation and cleanup if possible.

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Our nurse practitioners visit top top a program basis and addresses the individual health and wellness needs of each resident. Each resident gets details and individual treatment needed come ensure lock healthy.

Our activities are built with each inhabitants unique an abilities and abilities in mind.. Households are welcome to join in the fun! Outings encompass the Zoo, Alzheimer’s memory walk, Hay Rack Ride/Pumpkin Patch, area restaurants and also much more!