Our strategy for Angry Birds Bad Piggies level 21-11 is to aim for the TNT on the much ideal side of the level. Do this by flinging the yellow birds towards the ropes holding up the helmet pig’s platdevelop. This can take a few tries, however eventually you’ll blow the TNT. For the next shot fling the red bird straight ahead at the optimal best portion of the closest lumber beam. The red bird must take out the two right pigs, while the falling debris have to take out the middle ones. The score in the video below is 65,520.

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Rank: Hardened via 555 points

Incredibly difficult second shot, but vital for me was to aim to land also at the tiny diagonal rock slab just underneath the wood board. That is as displayed in the video, but it helped my aim to emphasis on that small spot. The board breaks much less typically then, and you have a a lot greater possibility of everything toppling over.

There is an much easier means to beat this level for 3 stars. Ignore this ridiculous trick-shot video and do the following:

1. Yellow bird hits the stone/lumber structure closest to the sling swarm. Hit high enough to knock out the 4 pigs on the ground and also the one hanging in the swing.

2. Redbird to kill the bottom fatty by the tnt. 65k.

One of the only 2 levels (aside from egg defender) I have not 3 starred. The other is 21-8. I still feel good this particular day. I lastly obtained 3 stars in all Surf&Turf now.

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