Hundreds the cards and practically as numerous combos - how's a drunken map fighter to recognize which one to pick?

There\"s a huge variety of card combos come be found through trial and error in Animation Throwdown.

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Whether you room rocking an every Bob\"s Burgers deck or mixing up Futurama and also Family Guy cards, what you want most is adaptability so girlfriend can always make strong combos.
The plane card, because that instance, has actually 20 potential combos, whileBoyz 12 has actually 30 andBullock has a whopping 49.Beyond versatility, the next thing come look for when building combos is card rarity. The rarely Crack card might only have 20 combos, yet they room allincredibly useful.

Quality Cards For top quality Combos

It\"s difficult to offer a specific \"best\" combo since each one will certainly be different relying on how far you\"ve upgraded her cards.

Keep in mind that if both cards are still at level 1, the combos listed below won\"t be almost as effective. Combos made through non-upgraded cards will either have no skills, lower powered skills, or significantly lowered stats, so your mileage may vary.

If you room just getting started, inspect out our full break down of every skill best here, and also if girlfriend need help getting much better cards to make combos, examine out our overview to far better loot drops.

Best computer animation Throwdown map Combos

With hundreds of cards obtainable and countless of those having actually dozens of possible combos, obviously we haven\"t even discovered them every yet! These are the best we\"ve discovered so far:

Early Combos

Cards available fairly early on without having to invest a the majority of time upgrading and also seeking out new packs.

Shots Klaus

Sturdy and also Shield an abilities at the same time? Klaus is her all-purpose defender sure to vex the opponent in early matches.

Just mix Klaus through anything alcohol related, favor the base Alcohol card, Roger\"s Place, or Teddy\"s Brewski.

You get better results making use of rarer cards to fuse the combo, prefer Alamo Beer or Pawtucket Patriot Ale.

Responsible Cocaine User

Mixing Bullock with some noþeles of one addictive nature leader to high health and a trio the skills: Sturdy, Boost, and Gas.

This combo makes great all around card that\"s unlikely to die quickly and also upgrades your adjacent cards.

The simple combo works through Painkillers or Manitoba Cigarettes, however you\"ll get higher stats with Crack, Toad Licking, or Butterscotch cookie (bet you didn\"t understand those to be in the same category as cracked cocaine).

Withdrawal Steve

The Steve version of the previous combo, this one comes with both Payback and also Crazed an abilities at the same time, so Steve is always dealing loads of damage.

All that the very same cards together Responsible Cocaine User Bullock job-related to develop this combo - Painkillers, Crack, Dr. Flim Flam\"s miracle Cream, Toad Licking, and yes, Butterscotch Cookies.

Brewmaster Teddy

With his supervisor high Gas skill, Teddy will certainly take down even the many high health card in just a few turns.

To obtain this one, just include Teddy come anything that a boozy nature.

Roger\"s Place, Alcohol, Teddy\"s Brewski, The Drunken Clam, Personalized Beer Mug, ideal Swamp Parties, or Beer Water will do just fine.

Slurm Loco

This combo does need a rarely card, however it reflects up relatively early.

Here you simply need to combine Fry v Slurm and you get a super powered card v Leech and also Cripple All!

For a an ext powerful version much after that in the game, friend can combine the legend Phillip J. Fray with Slurm instead.

Later Combos

These combos will certainly become available as you spend time winning matches and doing special events to gain a enlarge deck. They usually involve rare, epic, or legendary base cards.

$300 Knife

This will be the go-to combo you will always be trying to draw for the overpowering nature: high attack, high defense, and the Jab, Crazed, and also Crippled skills.

You deserve to make the $300 Knife with a rarely Bob add to most species of weapons, from the Fukinawa to the Pantry Guns.

The combo gets truly overpowering when including in more rare tools though, prefer Rifle, Flare Gun, or lengthy Stick v Sharp Rock.

Drunk Peggy

Good lord, Peggy is crazy once drunk! with Cripple, Jab, and also Crazed, she can cut through foe defenses and gets much more powerful v every attack!

Regular Peggy can make this combo, as have the right to the destructive Mythic Peggy. To get the Drunk version, include her to something choose Teddy\"s Brewski, Pawtucket Patriot Ale, wine Shoe, or Olde Fortran Malt Liquor.


Sturdy, Shield, and Crazed - Billdozer is an pure beast!

Most the his combos call for rare or greater cards, v the exception of Cougar football Team and School.

To acquire the best version the this one, mix Bill v Touchdown Dance, Pearl Bailey High School, Tom Landy center School, Wagstaff School, or Mars University.


With incredibly high health in addition to the Sturdy and Crazed skills, this can be the best card in the game.

Not only will it take very small damage, yet it will certainly steadily rise in power every turn to overwhelming levels.

You can acquire Beefsquatch by mixing Gene through Pizza Overlord, The Panhandler Steak House, Bob\"s Burgers (this one is the best), Elzar\"s fine Cuisine, Restuarant, or McBurger Town.

One Eyed bean Machine

With a stunningly high Punch, One Eyed Bean an equipment can quickly break v an enemy deck through high health and defensive.

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To gain this killer combo, mix Leela with practically anything sporting activities related, such as Cougar football Team, Baseball, Wrestling, Blernsball, or Touchdown Dance.

For an absurdly high level the Punch usage a Mythic Leela instead!

These room the finest combos we\"ve been making use of to dominate in Arena matches and also take down tough Adventure quests. What are few of your favorite combos we should try out?