Can anyone give their own thoughts on optimal combos for each BGE/Show (i also appreciate the there is most likely a top offensive and top defensive?)

I recognize this is open to debate and one person's idea is different from anothers...

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I am just trying to placed some information together to help with a newish guild and newer players


Addicted - Wingnut Amy

Animal - Pigeon Bill

Armed - Whale Hunter Amy

Artistic - Martian Calendar

Athletic - Wingnut Amy

Disguised - adversary Hank

Drunk - Viking Peter

Educated - High institution Bill

Fighter - Chicken Fight

Musical - One man Musical

Rich - Fake son Gene


Futurama - Wingnut Amy

Bobs Burgers - One man Musical

Family male - Viking Peter

American Dad - Max Jet

King the the Hill - High institution Bill

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Really, really depends. Due to the fact that you can't simply outright build a deck (short of buying the end a box with a few hundred bucks) most of the video game is improvised. There room combos the are essential from farmed Epics, that springboard up to earning legendary cards. Then, there space the "common" Legendaries vs premiums.

If you're talking a brand-new guild/playerbase climate you'll desire to steer clear of recommending things favor Viking Peter - typical character, yet premium inputs. Likewise Martian Calendar - i wouldn't introduce anyone usage rare Farnsworth at any type of stage the the game, and also otherwise he's premium mythic.

You additionally touched on utility - defensive combos, offensive combos space different, but also in what context matters. Arena ladder, Rumble and Siege space all different beasts in many ways, and the most successful football player tailor your decks to strike each the those challenges.

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The best technique is really for each player come share their ideal items, and see what personalities work v them. It's no really feasible to netdeck this game, and except for the best of spenders, your deck is going to have actually a mix of a lot of different characters - sometimes, as countless as 12 or 13. So discovering that Chicken fight is strong, and also comes from both a typical Legendary Character and items the drop from legendary Stones, is essential - but 90% of players will just be running 1-3 Peters anyways.

Sorry to answer you with some critique and also then not really answer, but it's mostly futile come be pointing out with mythics, premiums and other points these players will likely never see. (edit: i say likely, due to the fact that the dropout rate is for this reason high as soon as progression halts and people in secret Fight Club start smacking face-first into $1000 decks)

The only guaranteed cards castle will ever before play with, space farmed Epics. Therefore I'll ask you, is her guild past the "all blue" deck stage and running mostly Legendary cards?