Here"s a overview for Anthem players working on the attempt of Yvenia mission or trying to find Collectibles, including how to finish the Mederines" Disciple Challenge

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anthem attempt of yvenia
over there comes a time where every Freelancer playing Anthem has to start watching the end for Collectibles. Whether that be beforehand in the video game while do the efforts to finish a Daily challenge or earn part Coin, or the mid-game story-gating obstacles of the Legionnaires, Collectibles catch up to every one of Anthem"s players.

What does and also does not count together a Collectible will be most players" main issue once they reach the psychological of Yvenia mission that 10 Collectibles. For example, chests, loot, and also materials space not Collectibles, despite players will desire to collect them to finish different Challenges. Collectibles are any variety of objects found in Freeplay consisting of books, papers, overlooks, hidden symbols, and also more. Collectibles either cause a lore pop-up or a notification on the side of the screen. In various other words, Collectibles are so usual that no one should stress too lot over finding lock (unless their emphasis is ~ above a particular collection of Collectibles).

together such, the best advice because that finding Collectibles is come explore. Don"t simply fly end everything, though. Fly short to the ground, go with caves and try to find out-of-the-way areas. Watch for significant landmarks choose castles, huge trees, or towers. Even more generic landmarks like tiny camps, caves, and also bridges can regularly have a Collectible too. While some Collectibles have the right to only be found a solitary time, others prefer the surprise Messages spawn favor chests or resources.

save in psychic that lot of Anthem is tho mysterious. Precise details on how specific aspects that the game work stays to it is in discovered. Come look end in-game Collectible information, players can open their in-game menu and go right into the challenges tab to check out how plenty of are available. Just overlook the Botanist and also Geologist challenges, as they"re more about collecting than Collectibles. Browsing out more information ~ above each particular Collectible kind can administer even more help, particularly after launch.

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anthem mederines disciple collectibles map

for those who really just want to protect against the problem of exploring, hoping to discover Collectibles, and also looking because that something they"re not acquainted with, over there is one alternative. Above are 10 Collectibles the make up the Mederines" Disciple Challenge. That rewards 800 Coin and also all 10 Collectibles are reasonably close to one another, north of fort Tarsis in Freeplay. Plus, over there are quite a few randomly spawned Collectibles along the way that can make completing the attempt of Yvenia Collectible step even faster.

referencing the Anthem map, begin at zero and work v the Collectibles. Take it special keep in mind that six Collectibles space in the tunnel the starts in ~ 4.

0. Ha Ha! Danger! - A ruined building with a campfire simply past a damaged bridge, sitting on a chair.1. Outlaw Poetry - record on a crate over a cliff, just past a waterfall.2. Outlaw Ranting - little Book in cave of Shaper destroy full that bones, Strider just outside.3. Friend of the Wild... - Moonpod Lagoon, under a herbal rock bridge, within of a beast skeleton.4. New Customer - Camp in the cave of a Shaper ruin, paper sitting top top a crate.5. Change that Plan - cavern Entrance, Tarsis Bypass, file behind a broken wall and arch.6. Regulator keep Sale Flyer - just past the ahead Collectible is a role on a crate.7. Thank you, Governor - even further in the cave, just before a Sentinal Camp and the tomb of Yvenia, under a waterfall.8. Dear Governorer... - also under the waterfall.9. Most Esteemid Grovener - Again, under the waterfall.

for a visual overview through these locations, inspect out this YouTube guide from Gaming through Abyss.

Anthem is designed to encourage players to scour Bastion trying to find secrets and rewards. There space dozens of challenges to complete, areas to visit, combat actions to perform, and most of the isn"t make clear with gameplay. Anthem players will have to figure out most of that on their own, or with assist from friends and also other players.

Anthem releases February 22 ~ above PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It"s currently available via Origin access Premier top top PC and also EA accessibility on Xbox One.