Somepoint I"ve sort of wondered about the legendary Pokemon is which ones are one-of-a-kind "PokeGods" in-universe, and also which ones are simply super-rare powerful Pokemon. So I"ve done what any would execute and determined to ask you men for your opinions/clarification.Here"s a few lists I"ve made so far. These are established mainly by usage by various other trainers and/or relevance in their game"s story.One-of-a-kind:

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-Mewtwo-Mew-Lugia-Ho-oh-Celebi-Groudon-Kyogre-Rayquaza-Jirachi-Uxie-Mesprit-Azelf-Dialga-Palkia-Giratina-Manaphy-Shaymin-Arceus-Victini-Reshiram-Zekrom-Kyurem-Xerneas-Yveltal-Zygarde...basically all the ~680 BST mons and also legendary pixies.
-Articuno-Zapdos-Moltres-Raikou-Entei-Suicune-Regirock-Regice-Registeel-Latias-Latios-Heatran-Phione (though "legendary" is disputable)

Well, it"s been stated several times in the Pokemon universe that Lugia have been checked out with their offspring, so there"s certainly even more than among them.In the movie, there were 5 Genesect (One of them shiny), so there"s obviously even more than one of them as well; they"re just super-rare. (Read: kept in a laboratory to safeguard the human being from them).


^ Tbelow is no singular Pokemon canon. Each develop of media (games, animu, manga, etc) represents its own, separate canon. As a basic dominion though, I"m pretty sure that the "Word of God" answer (to usage a trope name) is that legendary Pokemon aren"t necessarily one-of-a-kind, just extremely rare. For circumstances, your contention that Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina are "among a kind" is directly contradicted by an occasion wright here Arceus creates a Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina out of nopoint despite following after the occasions of Platinum. And that"s not to mention trying to describe why multiple trainers have uncovered stuff prefer the pixies, legendary birds, and so on in various regions (i.e. the PCs of DPPt or BW2). It"s finest not to think too a lot around these points bereason Gamefreak/Nintendo doesn"t treatment about lore or consistency also much, kind of like exactly how Zelda fans have been fighting for years over the timeline of the games or if the Links are even the same.
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Jan 29, 2014

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If we are considering the anime, then Tornadus, Thundurus, and also Landorus are simply super-rare. They show up on the Island of Legends (prior to Ash battles Clay, when he looks for rebirth herbs), and also then aacquire in the undersea temple (episode Unova"s Survival Crisis).Genesect likewise are just exceptionally rare bereason 5 of them exist in Genesect and also the Legfinish Awakened.The legendary dogs would certainly be one-of-a-sort as a result of the circumstance of their production.Heatran and the Lati twins would certainly just be super-rare bereason they can be caught in their area (Hoenn for Lati