Your Artifact is defining component of your whole Legion experience. That starts off as an ilevel 750 weapon, but you’ll upgrade it from there by including Relics to an increase ilevel and Traits to boost its all at once power. You will need the Artifact for each spec you intended to play, not just because artefacts are the only an effective weapons you’ll discover in Legion, but also Artifact Traits space a serious boost for her spec’s abilities.

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Whether you’re simply jumping right into Legion or do the efforts to offer an alt’s Artifact (or Artifacts) up to par, we’ll walk you through how through how to obtain Artifacts, how to upgrade them, where to discover Relics, and also how to record up on Artifact Power.

Update: This article was originally published way back in the Legion beta, yet it’s been updated through the latest catch-up mechanisms and more.

Picking up your an initial Artifact

This one’s easy, because you’ll obtain a pursuit to hunt for your initial artifact as shortly as you arrive in Dalaran ~ above the damaged Isles. This is the longest pursuit of the bunch, as you’ll go with a chain come unlock your course Order Hall before choosing i beg your pardon Artifact you desire to grab first. You’ll be stuck with simply the one Artifact until level 102, and while it doesn’t take too much time to with it, be certain you pick a spec that won’t make you miserable for the next two levels.

It’s tough to say exactly how much time these searches will take you, because each spec’s pursuit is different, however expect everywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to gain through them. Indigenous there, girlfriend then proceed to head out into the world, do what you carry out best, and fulfill your thickness … err… I typical destiny. This culminates with a quick scenario and by the finish of it, you are wielding her weapon the legend. Each scenario reflects the spec because that the weapon you are pursuing: healer Artifact scenarios have actually you healing a party, tank Artifact scenarios have you tanking something, and DPS Artifact scenarios make you hit it very hard.

However, you’re not forced to complete scenarios making use of the appropriate spec — and we’ve heard a most success story of players utilizing their key spec to acquire off spec Artifacts. For example, you could complete a healing scenario in your DPS spec through going every out and also killing everything before the party dies, memory of the you Doing the Wrong achievement from proving Grounds.


Getting your 2nd (and third) Artifact

When girlfriend hit level 102, a quest opens up in your class Order Hall. There’s no breadcrumb search to command you there, although in the course of regular leveling you’re going come be back there indigenous time come time for other quests and also to work-related on your Order room research. The an essential is to look because that an NPC with an orange exclamation point. Yet the pursuit chains for extr Artifacts is much shorter than the first. You skip the quests leading approximately your early stage artifact chain and the final scenario whereby you open up your class hall — you’ve currently done the once and don’t have to repeat it!

Just take the quest and start the chain because that the second Artifact and repeat the procedure for the first. When friend return with your 2nd Artifact, the pursuit for your 3rd is obtainable for you. If you room a Druid, once you come ago with your third Artifact, an additional quest opens up for your fourth. Druids are the hardest working class in show business!


Collecting Artifact Power and also buying Traits

But getting your Artifact (or Artifacts) is just the an initial step. Powering it up requires Artifact power (AP), which type of like a currency: you spend to open up up characteristics of your Artifact. Like the talent tree of old, you have to put ranks into the reduced traits to open up up the greater ones. Some traits space simple, direct increases to among your spells while others are brand-new active abilities. In ~ the optimal of each tree are three an effective Gold Traits. Your finest bet will certainly be to choose one of the gold Traits to pursue and then buy up the minor Traits that acquire you there.

You obtain the very first Trait on every Artifact as a freebie, yet you’ll need to go come the Artifact build to open up it — because that the an initial Artifact, the pursuit walks girlfriend through this, but nothing tells you to do this because that the next Artifact. Your an initial expenditure that AP will be for the an initial rank the the following trait which expenses 325 AP. The next rank costs 375 AP and also so on increase the leveling curve us go.


Artifact Power comes from many resources including PVP, quest rewards, running random dungeons, random human being drops from mobs or treasures, Order hall missions, and also World Quests. Artifact power items, choose the Brief background of the Aeons, space Bind top top Pickup consumable items that award as tiny as 10 AP up to 300 or much more AP. When you usage the item, the AP applies to your at this time equipped Artifact. If you room out questing as Retribution with Ashbringer yet you desire your AP going right into Truthguard for tanking, you need to equip Truthguard first, and then use the item.

By the moment I to be level 102 and got the pursuit for the second Artifact, i had built up a stash of items precious 625 Artifact Power, good enough to open up two ranks ~ above one trait. As you level — and Traits acquire increasingly expensive — you’ll find it easier to collect AP to rise your off-specs. (More ~ above this as soon as we acquire into Artifact knowledge below.)

With Bonus Armor and Spirit gone and primary stats gotten rid of from cloaks, necks, and rings, more equipment than ever before will occupational for both of your specs (though you’ll still desire trinkets particular to every spec). In Legion, Artifact strength has become the catalyst that empowers every spec. Each Artifact has separate AP and the UI offers a beneficial bar to fill up the updates depending on which Artifact you have actually equipped.

Already perfect the out your properties tree? In patch 7.2, there will certainly be all new Traits to choose up, for this reason you’ll be hunting for AP anew.


Up her Artifact’s ilevel through Relics

Artifacts are further enhanced by Relics favor Rite the Val’kyr, a pursuit reward in Stormheim. Every Relic increases your Artifact’s ilevel by a specific amount and also gives girlfriend an extra location in one trait. (And if you’ve currently maxed out that trait, you obtain a bonus point.) these are comparable to gems: friend socket them into your Artifact, and if you currently have a Relic in the slot you typical to use, it’s ruined in the upgrade process.

You start out with two Relic slots, v a third that unlocks once you finish your class Order campaign. Every slot coincides to a specific school that magic: Arcane, Blood, Fel, Fire, Frost, Holy, Iron, Life, Shadow, and also Storm. Choose gems, you have the right to only enhance the right kind of Relic to the right form of slot, and also each Artifact takes different Relic types.

Relics deserve to be make or uncovered as search rewards (including world Quests at max level) and drops indigenous bosses. Many are bind on Pickup, yet some room Bind ~ above Equip and also can be uncovered on the Auction home — i beg your pardon is useful if you’ve been unlucky v drops if trying to acquire a full collection of Relics because that an off-spec artifact.

Typically, once you’re deciding i beg your pardon Relics to use, you’ll want to walk by the greatest ilevel. An ilevel rise is most likely to provide an ext in stats and also DPS 보다 an extra trait rank, so unless you’re comparing equal level Relics, you’re more than likely not paying attention to the Trait in ~ all.


Boost your Artifact strength gains through Artifact Knowledge

A catch up mechanism dubbed Artifact Knowledge (AK), i beg your pardon acts together a multiplier for your Artifact Power. Each Rank of AK makes any type of Artifact strength items you collect on her character reward an ext AP, regardless of spec. Collecting AK makes it feasible to level increase multiple artifacts — or also just level your major Artifact together Trait costs balloon. 

You deserve to start collecting AK in ~ level 110, when you’ll acquire a search to research study for Artifact understanding via a occupational Order. You have the right to research two orders in ~ a time: each expenses 500 bespeak Resources and takes 5 days. Once the study is finished, you’ll collect Artifact research study Notes, an item you have to use before it increases your AK approximately 25 levels. In ~ maximum level, you’ll get 24,000% extra AP from every AP item, which definitely helps you choose up those critical traits. Note: If you have actually research ready, go grab it before you head out to quest! Artifact power items provide you a set amount the power based upon the Artifact expertise you have when you obtain them.

But for much faster advancement, job 7.1.5 presented a brand-new catch-up device that lets you obtain to AK level 15 instantly… as lengthy as girlfriend have enough resources. You’ll desire to talk to whomever in your class hall go Artifact research and buy an Artifact study Synopsis. Each costs 500 resources, and also you can gain to AK 15 immediately on hitting 110 if you take place to have actually 7500 sources banked.

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Playing record up through alts

Unfortunately, Artifact understanding isn’t account wide: that just applies to the personality you collect it with. That means leveling alts’ artefacts can still it is in pretty painful. However, if you have one character through a make reservation of AK, a catch-up mechanism was included in patch 7.1.5. New Artifact study Compendiums have the right to be purchase in her Order hall for 1000 sources each. They have the right to then be sent to alts to provide an immediate boost up to AK level 20 (depending on the AK that the character that buys the compendium). There are four compendium level available, which can only be provided by level 110 characters:

Sure, this won’t acquire your Artifact understanding maxed out immediately, but it certainly gives you a good boost.