Details top top the associate product marketing administration program, consisting of sample interview questions, the recruitment process, and agency culture.

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Himanshu Somani, Product Marketing Manager, Google Cloud
Published: June 2, 2021

Business and culture | APMM program | Recruitment processGoogle is one of the world biggest and also most fancied locations to work. Google receives three million applications a year v an acceptance price of much less than 0.2% i beg your pardon speaks because that itself. Google has over 3,000 employees in your marketing team focused on a range of duties from product marketing come brand to campaigns to growth.


Product marketing at Google (Top)

Marketing at Google starts with the philosophy: “Know the user. Know the magic. Connect the two”. It is this philosophy that differentiates Google marketing from various other product marketing roles. The starts with the user and also ends v the product magic the the technology brings in. Every marketer at Google has actually this mindset and if you want to gain into Google, that is essential that you take it on this attitude too.

Whether you"re functioning on a customer product (e.g. Gmail, Search, Maps, Android) or a organization product (e.g. Google Ads, AdSense, Analytics), as a PMM you have end-to-end ownership and also get to command every side of the product marketing journey. Indigenous determining positioning to naming to competitive analysis to informing feature prioritization and more, you assist shape the voice the the product and help it grow a customer base. It’s a vast responsibility to deal with the information problems of the world which is something that you share v all the cross useful teams: sales, product, engineering, legal, PR, finance and also more, top top a day to day basis.

Associate product marketing manager regimen (Top)

Every year, hundreds of APMMs space hired at Google. Together an ex-APMM in ~ Google, below is part information and also tips about the program. For countless freshers, gaining a job at Google is a dream. For this reason, Google has developed the associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) program. The program doesn’t call for candidates come have any type of experience in product marketing, yet sometimes, depending on location, 0-2 year of minimum legal endure is required. Google rental from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets because that this program, indigenous consulting to start-up experience. As part of the program, there room multiple networking opportunities (e.g., APMM mini-trip, social events and tasks like restaurant outings and team building games).

As previously mentioned, the APMM program includes a mini trip and also bootcamps. Both of these occasions are non-traditional methods of connecting v Googlers across the globe, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. On these trips, girlfriend hear from senior leaders and also learn around the an essential skills the product marketing through working very closely with your colleagues and also program analysts. The APMM expedition leaves a lasting impression ~ above Google APMMs throughout the world, and also the bootcamps help new Googlers get a much better hold ~ above the program by conference colleagues in her region. The trip gives brand-new Googlers the possibility to meet an elderly marketing executives, visit the regional Google office, check out the neighborhood city, and bond with colleagues end knowledge and also training sessions.

As a fresher, you may not it is in sure about your team, the product, the role, or task location, it is what’s so good about the APMM program. APMMs acquire a chance to rotate after one and a half years. I joined the Google search team in India after mine MBA and also moved to the Google Cloud team in the bay Area in California because that my 2nd rotation. The rotation decision process is an extremely important. Girlfriend interview v the hiring managers of your preferred roles. Friend can consider it a 2nd placement after your graduation. I applied for various APMM roles throughout different teams in the US, interviewed through hiring supervisors on products like YouTube, Ads, Play, Assistant, etc. I chosen the Cloud function the most, and I to be glad to get it ~ the interview process.

Recruitment procedure (Top)

Product marketing in ~ Google has multiple levels beginning as an APMM. Relying on the seniority that the human being in the role, indistinguishable experience in marketing is required. The process starts by applying for one open duty on Google’s careers page.

Pro tip: Make certain your resume has no grammatical errors or fake achievements. Honesty go a long means in gift a Googler.

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For shortlisted candidates, a recruiter will reach out and schedule one interview. The interview process may have 3-6 rounds depending on the duty and the demands of the hiring team.