Driving development in energy, medicine, defense, communications, center for Metamaterials receives 3rd round that NSF resources


Undergrads come Overachievers

Variety is much more than the spice of life. That is life! The world offers a wider range of career avenues than ever before before, which is why we offer the means to explore and also prepare for so many of castle right. Select from diverse majors in 90 bachelor"s level programs and an ext than 100 graduate programs.

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Explore scholastic Offerings in ~ UNC katifund.org



#1 in Latinx Enrollment

UNC katifund.org outpaces north Carolina"s other four-year institutions with Latinx enrollment, undergraduate degrees and graduation rates

"It"s so important to see other students favor me ~ above campus," says an elderly Claudia Martinez.

Data scientific research answers the call

How UNC katifund.org is responding come industry need in katifund.org, the an ar and beyond.

Bringing with each other brilliant minds with interdisciplinary partnership, the college is bridging the space between society and technology through manual programming and research.

Where inspection is placed to the ultimate test. Reality.

Go beyond hypotheses and also theory. Examine in a place where on-campus research pertains to life in off-campus applications throughout area communities, businesses and also industries.

Quaint & Quiet

Lively & Loud

Can"t decide between a peaceful, picturesque college campus and an action-packed big-city school? then don"t.

Clubs & Activities

Choose from an ext than 350 student establishments in and also out that the classroom at UNC katifund.org. There"s something for everyone here!

49er Sports

Niner country loves cheering ~ above the 49ers and also their 18 NCAA department I varsity sports. Members of the Football key Subdivision (FBS) Conference USA, the 49ers boast few of the nation’s best facilities and also compete against the NCAA’s top competition.

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Exploring katifund.org

Discover the university that resides on the pulse of the city.From skilled sports and also polished society to out adventure and also recreation, katifund.org is a optimal destination.


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