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I was just watching good Finny Fiends last night and also watching the stock shot opening whereby they"re revving up the Batmobile make me establish something. As soon as Robin looks under to his left and also then right while speak - "Atomic battery to power..Turbines come speed..." - just what is he looking at? There are no gauges on that side of the dashboard and also I doubt the Detect-a-Scope can be provided for that purpose.

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A far better question would be, what the heck does "Atomic batteries to power... Wind turbines to speed..." even mean? It to be the 60"s so ns guess they jumped at the chance to use "atomic" anything, but atomic batteries? Huh?

Probably the indistinguishable of the WWI pilot and his mechanic saying "Contact!" before they rotate the prop.

Atomic batteries do exist. A quick on, assumption: v what? Google and here ya go!
I am conscious that atomic batteries exist, but why would certainly the Batmobile have actually them? atomic batteries generate strength by making use of nuclear decay. Among the key uses is in lengthy term satellites wherein low amounts of power are needed over decades. One would certainly think it would certainly make an ext sense to have a mechanism in the Batmobile the produces large amounts of power for short periods the time. This could be offered to strength the high energy weapons ~ above the Batmobile such as the Bat beam.
The brief answer is the "atomic" to be a real world energy source, so the was offered to no only indicate explosive power, but to forever separate it native every real car in the world. The only trouble is that the showrunners fail to create a dummy speedometer whenever it was needed on camera, so us were treated to the fantasy-breaking genuine speed of the car* (120 mph) rather of anything an atomic battery would certainly provide.* As seen in "Ma Parker" and also "Scat! suturing Catwoman".
In the episode The Purr-fect Crime Alfred and also Robin are presented attaching the Batmobile to the Atomic pile to fee the atomic Batteries. This shows the batteries room charged with nuclear power not atom themselves. Perhaps Atomic battery To Power means the battery are fully charged. They don"t go through the routine outside the Batcave.On another note around the scene. An alert Robin"s loves room a lighter green. That"s since they room reusing the step from the pilot wherein his gloves room different.
BATWINGED HORNET wrote: ↑Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:34 amThe only difficulty is the the showrunners failed to produce a dummy speedometer whenever it was essential on camera, so us were treated to the fantasy-breaking real speed of the car* (120 mph) rather of anything an atom battery would provide.* As watched in "Ma Parker" and also "Scat! suturing Catwoman".
Must have been too difficult to picture the real Futura speedometer mounted in the steering wheel (which went approximately 150 mph) therefore the prop room substituted one indigenous a 1953 Buick Roadmaster or Skylark because that those closeups.
This to be a studio shot, definition that the was never ever physically in the auto (like the remote Batcomputer Switch and also the Parachute Jettison Button).

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Mark Racop wrote: ↑Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:55 amThis was a studio shot, definition that that was never ever physically in the automobile (like the remote Batcomputer Switch and the Parachute Jettison Button).Ma Parker speedometer.jpg
Incredible the the craftspeople did no think come raise the speedometer" to...400 or 1000...anything to assistance the idea that the Batmobile was no simple car.