Attack on Titan: escape from details Death: voice acting and also many familiar characters confirmed

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Koei-Tecmo published a bit much more information on strike on Titan: escape from details Death today. If no more gameplay details were provided, the agency did check that the game would have actually voice acting, and that all the voice gibbs from the anime would certainly return for the game. Personality artwork exit via Famitsu today reveals that pretty lot every major character indigenous the anime is walk to it is in in the video game as well. Famitsu additionally released a pair more in-game screens. Take it a look in ~ them in the gallery bellow:





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Attack top top Titan: escape from details Death announced because that 3DS

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Attack on Titan: escape from certain Death is in advance for 3DS, follow to the latest issue of Famitsu.

Koei Tecmo’s Ruby Party, who renders the Neo romantic series, is working on the project. The TV anime’s visual employee are likewise involved.

Here’s what we know for this reason far:

– original story collection in a certain old castle – The protagonist is an initial character who belongs to the inspection Corps – In a desperate instance after losing their equipment and also wandering one old castle, players need to plot to escape alongside familiar characters – pick the protagonist’s gender – If you choose a male, Mikasa will be your partne – If you select a female, Levi will be your partner – as the story progresses, you’ll be able to take activity with various characters – Takes place place prior to the encounter with the woman Titan

Development is 30 percent complete. The video game does not currently have a release window.


More: assault on Titan: escape from specific Death, Japan, Koei Tecmo, top
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