Are you hope to get actors for Beauty and also the Beast? Well uneven you have specifically to be asked to song a song from the display that you’re auditioning for, that generally ideal not to. The said, you should still display off comparable vocals and also personality. So this is our list of audition songs for Beauty and also the Beast, broken down through character.

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Since Beauty and the Beast is indigenous the 1990s, most of the following songs room from 1990-2015. In addition, over there are numerous magical and also Disneyesque vibes below in stimulate to enhance the layout of the show.

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Step 1: read your audition details

Please read your audition details carefully, as they sometimes specify the kind of tune they’d prefer to hear (a ballad, other Disney, etc.). Make sure to pick a song that’s appropriate for your particular casting call. For your convenience, every one of the Disney songs have been significant below. And as you’re picking the end a song, these web links may be helpful:

• Backing Tracks because that the songs Below

• The “Beauty and the Beast Audition Songs” Spotify Playlist

Step 2: obtain to know the display / choose an audition song

In spreading calls, they often ask for you to be “familiar through the show”. And even if it’s no requested, it’s generally assumed. One way to execute this is to listen to the Beauty and also the Beast cast album while reading through the synopsis.

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Next, decision whether you’d like to audition for the ensemble or a details character. And finally, pick a perfect song native the perform below!


“I can’t Recall” – A tale of 2 Cities Music➝

“I’ll begin Again” – Scrooge Music➝

“No One Has ever Loved Me” – Passion Music➝

“Where’s the Girl?” – The Scarlet Pimpernel Music➝


“God assist The Outcasts” – The Hunchback of Notre Dame  (Disney) Music➝

“Live the end Loud” – A small Princess Music➝

“Once more I have the right to See” – Wonderland Music➝

“The Fire within Me” – Little Women Music➝


“Almost almost Perfect” – Charlie and the coco Factory Music➝

“In the big Blue World” – Finding Nemo (Disney) Music➝

“On Your means Home” – James and also the gigantic Peach Music➝

“Round-Shouldered Man” – The secret Garden Music➝


“How i Am” – Little Women Music➝

“Love that You Love” – A man of No Importance Music➝

“The Life that You Wished For” – Chaplin Music➝

“Where space All the People?” – Chaplin Music➝


“Falcon in the Dive” – The Scarlet Pimpernel Music➝

“I to be Aldolpho” – The Drowsy Chaperone Music➝

“In worship of Women” – A small Night Music Music➝

“Into the Fire” – The Scarlet Pimpernel Music➝


“How lucky You Are” – Seussical Music➝

“I’m no That Smart” – The 25th yearly Putnam county Spelling Bee Music➝

“In Summer” – Frozen (Disney) Music➝

“Man around Town” – Young Frankenstein Music➝


“Chimp in a Suit” – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Music➝

“Les Poissons” – The tiny Mermaid  (Disney) Music➝

“Like Zis / favor Zat” – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Music➝

“R.S.V.P” – Dear Edwina Music➝

Madame De La Grande Bouche

“I Don’t recognize What I’d Do” – A Gentleman’s guide to Love and Murder Music➝

“Morning Person” – Shrek Music➝

“The Finer Things” – Jane Eyre Music➝

“Voices the the Angels” – Amazing Grace Music➝


“As good As You” – Jane Eyre Music➝

“Christmas Children” – Scrooge Music➝

“Love Sneaks In” – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Music➝

“Welcome to the World” – A guy of No Importance Music➝

Mrs. Potts

“Here Within these Walls” – Sister Act Music➝

“If I had actually a well White Horse” – The an enig Garden Music➝

“Just choose That” – A Christmas Story Music➝

“Sylvia’s Lullaby” – Finding Neverland Music➝

Ensemble (Altos)

“Here Alone” – Little Women Music➝

“Home” – Wonderland Music➝

“Someday” – The Hunchback the Notre Dame  (Disney) Music➝

Ensemble (Baritones)

“Heaven’s Light” – The Hunchback the Notre Dame  (Disney) Music➝

“One step Closer” – The little Mermaid (Disney) Music➝

“Reflection” – A story of 2 Cities Music➝

Ensemble (Basses/Bass-Baritones)

“Be Prepared” – The Lion King  (Disney) Music➝

“Lost in the Darkness” – Jekyll & Hyde Music➝

“Nowhere Left come Run” – Amazing Grace Music➝

Ensemble (Mezzo-Sopranos/Sopranos)

“Finding Wonderland” – Wonderland Music➝

“The Life I never Led” – Sister Act Music➝

“The world Above” – The little Mermaid (Disney) Music➝

Ensemble (Tenors)

“Endless Night” – The Lion King  (Disney) Music➝

“Made the Stone” – The Hunchback that Notre Dame  (Disney) Music➝

“Proud of her Boy” – Aladdin  (Disney) Music➝

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Step 3: choose a monologue

If requested, below are a couple of audition monologues for Beauty and the Beast:

• “Mother Moon” from Fading joy (Joy)

• “Parade” in Fantasy Monologues because that Young Actors

• “The grace of mar Traverse” in Solo!: The finest Monologues that the 80s – Women

• “The appropriate Man!” from A mrs of No importance (Mrs. Allonby)

• “You understand What” from You’re a good Man, Charlie Brown (Patty)

Final Step: Prepare for your audition

After collecting your materials and getting familiar with the show, it’s time to relocate forward v the actual preparation. If you’re in need of some guidance on this step, you can always download our totally free audition prep checklist!

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Author: Stacy Karyn

Stacy Karyn is the founder of Theatre Trip and also the writer of The Thespian’s Bucket List and also 1001 cast Albums to hear to in your Lifetime. She has actually a TESOL drama certificate, a BA in theatre, and also has worked and also interned with Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters.