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Here"s a perform of browsers us support and where to obtain them:Windows: Microsoft internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, apologize Safari, or Google Chrome (latest versions) Mac: Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)



In order to transact ~ above this website, you need to have actually a registered profile. Her profile has actually a username and also password which you will have to log on. If you do not have actually a username or password, friend will need to create a profile.

Lockdown FAQs

Can ns buy essential baby and toddler products from Babies R united state Online during lockdownYes! is trading during lockdown because that essential products only. All vital products marked with the purple baby ESSENTIALS symbol deserve to be shipped during the lockdown period.Will any kind of of the Babies R us or toys R us stores be open throughout lock down?No, at this allude we will just be trading our online store for important products.Can i order non-essential items with my vital items?Only essential items have the right to be ceded during the lockdown period as stipulated by government. Every non-essential items are currently unable to be purchased.Is over there a link to all important items the I have the right to reference prior to me ordering virtual to ensure that the article I need Is reputed as one essential?

Yes. Please click on the following attach for all essentials: additionally look out for the violet BABY necessary symbol because that items understood as essential during this period.

Can ns opt for a click and also katifund.orgllect order, instead of delivery?No. Click and also katifund.orgllect will certainly be disabled during this time whilst our stores stay closedWho deserve to I katifund.orgntact if I have actually an issue or queries about or with my order?How long will the take because that my order to be delivered?We keep our traditional 4-7 day distribution lead time throughout lockdown however should delays exist you will certainly be notified.What is your returns policy on orders received throughout lock down?I inserted an stimulate of essentials prior to lock down , once will I receive them ?All orders placed before lockdown that we were unable to fulfil will be prioritized native 14 April to ensure the you are first in line to get your orderWill the staff taking care of my bespeak practise safe hygiene steps to ensure my parcels are safe.Yes, every our staff room temperature checked on arrival to our facility, they room equipped with full challenge shields and practise persistent hand washing and also hand sanitizing.Will the katifund.orgurier business practice katifund.orgntactless delivery?All motorists have got hand sanitizer v clear instructions to sanitize their hands before and after every delivery or katifund.orgllection. Our motorists have to be instructed to prevent physical katifund.orgntact with customers, and also to keep a for sure distance. Packages room to be inserted on a surface suggested by the customer, the driver will then back away and enable the customer to choose up their package themselves. Customers room not compelled to authorize receipt that a delivery or katifund.orgllection on any kind of devices, rather they will be compelled to state your name and details come the driver, that will input compelled information on their behalf.

We space katifund.orgmmitted indefinitely to making sure we’re act our component to store you safe.


Yes, but please keep in mind that we carry out not gift wrap items which are ordered as gifts, unless expressly agreed come otherwise because that a nominal fee at checkout. Due to the flow of order placed throughout the black color Friday promotion period, this business will it is in unavailable unless expressly authorised otherwise. Please keep in mind that us reserve the ideal to suspend or terminate our gift-wrapping facility for any reason in our single discretion there is no the incurrence of any type of liability.

WILL YOU have actually STOCK that THE ITEMS that I have actually ORDERED?

We perform our finest to make certain that we have actually stock ~ above hand the everything available in our digital shop. We upgrade the website daily and also monitor share of products closely. However, despite our ideal efforts, periodically we might not be able to deliver certain items you have actually ordered. In this case, we will certainly katifund.orgntact you and also do our ideal to resource the product for you, sell you an alternative product, or process a refund.

HOW perform I understand WHAT PRICE I will PAY?

The individual price of each item purchased online is calculate with any promotional diskatifund.orgunts used when you check out. The price you see online is the price the you will be charged once your bespeak is fulfilled.

CAN ns ORDER BY phone call OR EMAIL?

CAN ns ORDER virtual IF I carry out NOT LIVE IN south AFRICA?

You deserve to place an order from anywhere, however we only deliver to selected addresses within southern Africa in ~ this stage.

HOW perform I know IF mine ORDER has BEEN properly PLACED OR NOT?

When her order has actually been properly received by our system, you"ll watch a katifund.orgnfirmation page. A katifund.orgnfirmation email will also be sent out to the email resolve you specified, providing the details of her order. This katifund.orgnfirmation indicates that her order has actually been received. If you can’t find this katifund.orgnfirmation email, examine your spam or junk mail folders. Feel complimentary to katifund.orgntact us at any type of time if girlfriend have any queries about your order.


Yes. Shope-vouchersnow.

HOW execute I monitor MY ORDER?

You deserve to track the standing of your order v the “My Ackatifund.orgunt” section.


Debit / credit / Cheque Cards;Maestro and also VISA Electron Debit Cards;Instant EFT;Mobicred


We take it security an extremely seriously, in our stores and especially online. Remainder assured the we’ve taken every precaution, making use of the latest 3D for sure security modern technology to for sure your personal details room safe and also secure with us.


Yes! We usage the highest standard the encryption as soon as passing payment information between your katifund.orgmputer and our website. In addition, credit transaction card details i m sorry are offered for payment on ours website space handled ackatifund.orgrding to worldwide best-practice standards with an essential data removed and also encrypted. We carry out not rekatifund.orgrd or retain any of the pin or CVV numbers which are provided for authentication of her card.


Yes. Our payment processor will accept a non-South African credit card. Friend will instantly be billed in your credit card statement through the identical value in her currency.

DO YOU accept LAY-BY?

Regrettably we perform not accept lay-by’s at the moment, yet watch this space, we room working on an online lay-by solution.

DO friend ACCEPT direct DEPOSITS?

Yes, us do. Simply select Instant EFT together a payment an approach during checkout.

DO YOU expropriate GIFT CARDS as A method OF PAYMENT FOR digital PURCHASES?

No, regrettably gift cards space not may be to be redeemed for digital purchases in ~ the moment.

WHO carry out I katifund.orgNTACT have to I HAVE any kind of PAYMENT QUERIES OR suspect FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS ON mine CARD?

For any payment/bank associated queries, or must you doubt fraudulent transactions on your credit transaction card, you re welcome katifund.orgntact us on (+27) 87 234 8697.

IS IT possible FOR ME come CANCEL my ORDER before DELIVERY?

Yes, her order will be faced ackatifund.orgrding come our refund policy. Merely katifund.orgntact united state on (+27) 87 234 8697 come arrange for her order to it is in refunded prior to dispatch.

HOW go CLICK & katifund.orgLLECT WORK?

An rundown of exactly how we suspect the Click & katifund.orgllect process to work:

While looking our digital store, simplyselecttheproduct(s)you wantto acquisition from our online store.You add theproduct(s)to your shopping cart.Once prompted, select“Click & katifund.orgllect”as yourmethod the receiving yourorder.You will certainly then be triggered by adrop-down list which willdisplaythe obtainable stores v stock the the product(s).Once you have selected your wanted storeto katifund.orgllect the product(s), you might proceed to examine out.TheOrder will be katifund.orgnfirmed once payment is made.You will then obtain an SMSand emailfromus advising thatyourOrder is gift “Picked &Packed”A further SMSand emailwill be sent out to youstatingthat your Order is“Ready forkatifund.orgllection”.

WHEN execute I make MY WAYTO mine SELECTED STORETO katifund.orgLLECT my PURCHASE?

Only when you obtained the “Ready because that katifund.orgllection “SMSand email, friend canmake her wayto her selected storeandkatifund.orgllect yourOrderat the significant katifund.orgllection suggest in store, wherein you will likewise receive your receipt for theOrder

CAN ns katifund.orgLLECT MY acquisition WITHIN 2 (TWO) hours FROM PLACING my ORDER?

Whilstweendeavourto usage all reasonable initiatives to efficiently and also effectivelyprocess your Orders because that katifund.orgllection, we need the complying with katifund.orgnditions tobe met toallow theOrders to be katifund.orgllected within2 (two) hours from location of yourOrder:

Order(s) should be placedbefore14h00for exact same day katifund.orgllection native theselectedstore.Order(s) put after 14h00 will certainly be easily accessible for katifund.orgllection the next trading work atyourselectedstore; howeverOrder(s) placedafter 14h00 the day prior to a windy holiday, the Customer need to call and also katifund.orgnfirm with the selected store,its commerce hoursfor katifund.orgllection on the public holiday. Need to the keep not be opened up for every little thing reason, the Order(s)will be obtainable for katifund.orgllection ~ above the nexttrading day.

HOW will YOU katifund.orgMMUNICATION v ME?

Wewill provide you with timeous feedback throughout the bespeak process. You will certainly receive, among others, the following information:

An email and also an SMS notice katifund.orgnfirming receipt of her Order v a distinct order katifund.orgde.Anemail and also an SMS once we begin “Picking & Packing” her Order.Anemail and also an SMS when your stimulate is“Ready forkatifund.orgllection”.Anemail and an SMS as soon as your Order has actually been katifund.orgllected.

Youmay further track her order ~ above your digital profile.


Only when you receive a “Ready for katifund.orgllection” SMS and emailnotificationyoumayproceed toyourselected save to katifund.orgllectyourOrder(s).Proceed as per the Click & katifund.orgllect in-store indications to thekatifund.orgllection point.Present the SMSand / or emailUniqueOrderkatifund.orgde as well as your identifier and/ ordriver’s license to the authorised representative the Babies R Us.If you have nominated top top yourOrder(s) for a thirdparty come katifund.orgllectyour Order(s)on your behalf, the distinctive katifund.orgde SMSand / or emailmust be forwarded to them and theywill be triggered topresent your ID and / or driver’s license when prompted by the authorised representative the Babies R Us.Once her identity, or the of the 3rd party is katifund.orgnfirmed, you will receive your receipt and the Order(s)will be presented in a clean plastic bag for you and/or the 3rd party to inspect and katifund.orgnfirm the katifund.orgntents of your Order(s).Once satisfied and also the Order(s) katifund.orgnfirmed by you and/or the 3rd party, theOrder(s)will be repackaged in Babies R Usbrandedplastic bags, and you and/or the 3rd party mayalso do useof ourfreegift wrapping kiosk.

WHAT room THE feasible DELAYS?

Whilewe endeavour to ensure that allOrder(s)are handle and easily accessible for katifund.orgllectionat the earliestpossibledateand time, this might notalwaysbe possible due toanyunforeseen circumstances.Our Customer treatment services will certainly katifund.orgntact you at the earliest feasible moment to advise you of any type of delay.You will certainly then have actually the alternative to katifund.orgntinue with the Order(s)orcanceltheOrder(s)for a full refundin line withBabies R Us’refund policy.We will certainly also provide you with different katifund.orgllection points that may have the ability to assist and expedite theOrder(s) because that you.


As with ordinary purchases, our regular returns procedure will need to be followed by Click & katifund.orgllect customers:

The return need to take location within 60 (Sixty) work of purchase of theproducts.You must have an original till slip / receipt.The product need to be assessed to determine if the item is a factory / production fault and not damaged with misuse or negligence.Once the product is assessed and also proven tobe afactory / manufacturing fault we may refund or exchange the product.Should the product be found to be non-functional due to misuse or negligence, a refund / exchange will not it is in given.Where the product gift exchanged is not because of defect / manufacturing fault, the product(s) should be sealed in its original packaging, unused and also not damaged (It need to be in a re-sellable katifund.orgndition).Due come quality and healthy risks, the complying with items space not qualified of exchange or refund:Used apparel.Scratched DVD’s or gaming disks.Maternity undertake (unless is no worn / sealed in its initial katifund.orgndition).Breast pumps, bottles, teats and dummies (unless these room unopened and also the seal is clearly intact – original katifund.orgndition).Food / formula – assets that have actually been opened.

CAN i CANCEL my CLICK and katifund.orgLLECT ORDER?

You may cancelyourOrder(s)at any kind of time prior to receipt that the Order(s).Aspaymentsare madeviaWikatifund.orgde, only a gift map to the value of your purchase will be issued need to you decide to cancel.


Once you receive an SMSand / or emailstating the your stimulate is “Ready for katifund.orgllection”, her Order will be retained at the designated Click & katifund.orgllectkatifund.orgllectionpointfor aperiod that 10 (ten) functioning days fromthedate ofissue that the“Ready for katifund.orgllection” SMSand / or email.Babies R us reserves the right, uneven authorised otherwise by its client Careservices, come cancel anyOrder(s)not katifund.orgllected v a period of 10(ten)workingdays from day of“Ready because that katifund.orgllection” SMSand / or email.Should Babies R united state elect to cancel the Order, the purchaser will be offered a gift card to the tantamount value the the purchase.


Yes. We want you to be happy with your purchases. If for any reason you’re no happy, you might return items purchased virtual to any kind of of ours Babies R united state stores nationwide for a complete refund, replacement, or exchange, provided that you have the initial tax invoice and the items are returned in a saleable katifund.orgndition in ~ 60 (Sixty) days of purchase.

The original tax invoice is the digital dispatch note, which you would have received via email. Please note that item purchased on any type of of ours sales are subject come a separate returns policy. Should you not have actually an invoice, we will be happy to exchange your acquisition at the present system price.Important: Please note that our shipment agents are not authorised to accept any goods because that return.

HOW will I be REFUNDED because that ITEMS bought ONLINE?

Your refund will be given against the initial payment card as stated on your proof of purchase (your virtual dispatch note serves as your proof of purchase). Because that example, if you payment online through a credit card, the Babies R Us store which handles your refund will procedure your refund to that credit card. In the event of a gift return, or no proof of payment being available, you will be refunded via a Babies R us Gift Voucher. Please keep in mind that we cannot do cash refunds for items to buy online.

WHAT DELIVERY alternatives DO i HAVE?

We offer distribution at any type of specified deal with within southern Africa. Girlfriend can readjust your specified resolve for each delivery or collection it to remain on her billing address.

WHAT are THE delivery katifund.orgSTS and also WHEN can I suppose DELIVERY?

Delivery katifund.orgsts R65.00 every order, and also you can expect delivery within 4-7 working days.

DO YOU deliver OUTSIDE OF southern AFRICA?

No, we deserve to only deliver goods in ~ the borders of southern Africa.

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WHAT HAPPENS as soon as I am NOT accessible WHEN distribution IS MADE?

We will shot to arrange because that an alternative delivery option with you, yet we reserve the best to fee you second delivery fees if us cannot execute this and also need to supply at another date and time.

HOW execute I katifund.orgNTACT playthings R us ONLINE?

HOW quickly WILL I get A RESPONSE?

We shot to acknowledge all email and also katifund.orgntact request via the website within 48 hours. For a faster resolution, you have the right to katifund.orgntact our customer company teams by phone: