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The Barrel home Cooker provides it incredibly an easy to Smoke, Grill, Sear, Bake, and BBQ.

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inside the Barrel Cover has a light porcelain dusting for protection.


This high-quality, supervisor easy-to-use charcoal barrel smoker takes up just 18-inches the space, making that the perfect complement to her patio space. This barrel cooker smokes hot-and-fast, definition you’ll obtain lots that juicy, flavorful barbecue in 40% less time than timeless smokers without babysitting.

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Hang for Max Capacity Hang as much as 8 racks the ribs, 4 chickens, 15 lbs brisket, or a 30 lb turkey! Food cooks evenly peak to bottom and also does not loss off once properly hooked. Drippings from the meat coat food in flavor and moisture instead of pooling ~ above one side or causing flare-ups.

Use Grate because that Barrel Smoker Options cook food on the grate because that a more traditional smoking cigarettes experience while still getting easy, delicious results. Collection grate ~ above the center level, and the cooker trap moisture and also cooks evenly without using a water bowl or diffuser. The grate conveniently holds big cuts the meat, choose a 15 lb. Pork shoulder.

Grill timeless FavoritesGrill approximately 10 big burgers, loads of sausages, hot dogs, steaks, and also more. The charcoal basket and grate have the right to be moved to different levels to accomplish a range of grilling and searing options.


Why Barrel home Cooker?

Removable Base: Barrel lifts turn off base for easy lighting, ash disposal, and for adding wood. Base likewise converts come a hibachi grill, perfect for searing and also grilling.

Unique Flavor: Food achieves an unbelievable, distinctive smoky smell while continuing to be tender and also juicy. The flavor indigenous the barrel food preparation is unequal anything else on the market since of the way the juices coat the food and drip onto the charcoal. Hardwood chunks or chips have the right to be included to the charcoal for secondary flavor profile.Simple Intake/Exhaust: One time, elevation-based setup allows you come "hang the & forget it" for 6+ hours of steady food preparation temperature there is no babysitting. Huge Capacity: This 18-inch Barrel house Cooker package a punch once it concerns cooking because that a crowd. It doesn’t take it much an are on her patio, but you’ll be cooking enough food to feeding a party in no time. Fast Results: Cooks at 275˚- 310˚F, a vain proven different to “Low & Slow" because that faster cooking with remarkable results. USA Jobs: Barrel house barrel cookers space assembled in ~ a USA manufacturing company with end 60 years with outstanding products and service.

Your new Barrel house Cooker BHC18C will certainly arrive needing some an easy assembly and also then you’ll be prepared to cook. The irreversible porcelain end up is no paint, so there is no need to season or burnout before cooking. That way you deserve to be cigarette smoking your an initial meal within 15 minute of assembly!

Barrel house Cooker includes: (1) Barrel house Cooker BHC18C, (1) manual & indict Booklet, (1) built-in Thermometer, (1) H-Frame, (1) complete Grate, (8) Meat Hooks, and also (1) Accessory Wand.

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Warranty: Barrel house Cooker firm hereby warrants come the original purchaser or plan recipient that this Barrel home Cooker that it will certainly be complimentary from defective components from the date of acquisition for one year when assembled and operated in accordance v the printed instructions accompanying it.