Bleake Island is the one you begin your adendeavor on in Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s the northeastern component of Gotham City, and also there’s a bunch of Riddler Trophies to be found on it. Several of them simply must be picked up, while others require you to resolve a puzzle initially. In this guide, we’re going to present you the areas of all the Bleake Island also Riddler Trophies and also just how to acquire them.There’s a second part of the video, also. We also have actually in-depth guides via places of Riddler Trophies in other areas, like:

Riddler Trophies

Regular Riddler Trophies are the ones which you simply must uncover. Many of them are well surprise, in peculiar and also hard-to-spot places. They’re marked via green symbols.

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11. Go to the helipad on peak of the Panessa Studios building, then dvery own the stairs and also throught the hole in the wall on your appropriate.
16. Behind a destructible ceiling beneath the Kord building in Cauldron. Shoot it via the Batmobile cannon, then use the Batclegislation to grab it.

Riddler Puzzle Trophies

Riddler Puzzle Trophies are the ones that need you to solve a puzzle in order to accessibility them. They are much easier to discover than the constant ones, however harder to obtain. Some of them are locked behind story missions, and aren’t available from the start. Others need tools and upgrades just accessible in the future. They are the yellow symbols on the map.
19. Pull the trigger with the Batmobile, then shoot the question marks in the designated order as they relocate up. You need to get as close as you can.
20a. Shoot the winch into the hole, then rev your engine to start the race. The founding position is in the southern of Miagani Island also.
20b. If you’re quick enough, you’ll climb on peak of the Osamu Corp structure in time to grab the trophy.
21. Available just during 4th Penguin weapon cache mission. Under the ground – climb the stairs to the office.
22. Use Batarang to lift containers, stand on pressure plate. Use Batcregulation to obtain trophy, then usage Remote Batarang to drop containers on robots.

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23. On the side of Langstrom’s Lab. Use Voice Synthesizer to order the robot with the glass – make him lug the trophy out.