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"A century of Dishonor" 1881. created the first detailed describtion of the government"s treatment of native americans in the west; Findings shocked the nation of the government"s broken promises; it served as a trigger for reform; *Idea that "Indians need to be helped", it was a false justification for Americans actions
Establiburned 1879 in Pennsylvania. Founded by former indian killer; it was a boarding institution situation. Designed to rerelocate young natives from their indian culture and also to recreate and fashion them to be cizilized in amerideserve to society
1887; tairesulted in strike the center of the indian culture. Proviote land ownership on aboriginal amerideserve to tribes; individual indians own land also and citizenship--> undermined native identity. removed communal ownership of land.
Dawes Act result in a spiritual activity. 1889 this motion and also indian name Wovoka sassist that the way to reclaim the Planet to the method it was prior to the whites came wregarding do the Gorganize dance. It spcheck out throughout tribes. It scared the white people. Emphasized participation with whites and equality among all.
1890: Soldiers in response to gorganize dances assaulted indians. last equipped engagement of indians. (wars/confrontation) ended the Ghold Dance Movement
Staff of life for the Native americans. Their flesh gave food, their dung fuel, their hides gave clothes and harnessess. Killed by white bands of settlers
1/5 of all US army personnel on the frontier were African Amerihave the right to, referred to as Buffalo SOldiers by the indians, supposidly because of their resemblance of their hair to the bison"s furry coat.
Texas Cowboys-black white mexican- drove heard numbering from 1000 to 10000 slowly over the unfenced and also unemerged plains till they reach a railroad terminal.
the brand-new legislation permitted a settler to aquire 160 acres of land by living on it for 5 years, improving it, and also paying $30
In the wakr of the devestating drought, a new technique took root on the levels. Its methods of constant shenable cultivation...lead to the dust bowls
Perfected by Joesph E. Glidden in 1874. addressed the problem of how to build fences on the treeless praries
one of the the majority of influencial essays around american history. Fredrick Jackboy Turner;s the definition of the frontier in americas background in 1893. no more land! america was always based off of moving west, expanding. now theres no more land. now what?
Texas 1870"s came toether to socialize, however mostly to break the strangling grip of RR and manufactures with cooperative buying and also offering. Allianced denied black"s participation, so the blacks produced their own. partnerships disolved as soon as the economic situation gained better for them.
these frustrated farmers, dubbed to Wall surface Street to nationalize RR, telephone and also telegraphs, graduated earnings tax, gave farmers via loans, and the limitless and also cost-free coinage of silver
Marched in 1894 via supporters; his platcreate had a demand also that the federal government relieve the joblessness by a public works program, legal tender notes to be issued. it was a protest march by unemployed workers from the US, led by populist Jacob Coxey. They marched on WA DC in 1894, the second year of a four-year financial depression
1894; Eugene Debs. RR hit tough by the depression, and cut wperiods by 1/3. workers ultimately sruck, some overturned the Pullman royal residence cars, which paralyzed railmeans web traffic
in the intensely fought1896 election and also 1900 election, william jennings bryan was defeated by william mckinley yet kept conrol of the autonomous party. he supported complimentary silver in 1896
He was an American Painter, illustrator, sculpter, and also writer, that specialized in depictions of the "Old Amerihave the right to West". he specifically focused on the last quarter of the 19tj century amerideserve to west and also images of cowboys, american indians, and the US Cavalry
the conclusion of fredrick jackboy turner that the wellsprings of amerihave the right to exceptionalism and also vitality have actually constantly been the amerideserve to frontier. in the thesis, the frontier developed liberty, constantly called as civilization, turner first announced his thesis in a file entitled :The Significance of the frontier in amerihave the right to history"
was an incident in the indian wars of the US that occured in november 1864 as soon as coloraperform area militia attacked and ruined a town of cheyenne and arapaho encamped in southeastern colorade region. roughly 150 cheyenne and also arapaho males women and also youngsters were eliminated in sand creek. for than 700 amerihave the right to soldiers were associated
When gold rush swept the area, US federal government had to re-asauthorize the regional aboriginal americans to other bookings in western southern dakota. sacred area for the natives-not happy around whites tearing it up for gold. and moving them.
likewise knwon as Custer"s ast stand. it was an armed engagment in between a lakota-northern cheyenne unified pressure and the 7th mounties of the US army. it occured in June of 1876. the fight was the most well known activity of the Great Sioux War of 1876-1877 and also was a exceptional victory for the Lakota, led by Sitting BUll, and also Custer was defeated.
was a US army officer and also mounties commander in the american civil battle and the indian wars. custer was beat and also killed in the fight of little bighorn of 1876 against a coalition of native american tribes (therefore called Custer"s last stand)
was the cheif of the band of Nez Perce Indians in the time of General Oliver Howards attempt to forcibly rerelocate his band also and also the other "non treaty" indians to a reservation in idaho. for his principled resistance to the removal, he became reowned as a humanitarian and peacemaker
a Lajota Sioux holy man, and also was killed by reservation police throughout an effort to prevent him from sustaining the Ghosy dance activity. he is noteworthy in history for his role in the major victory at the battle of little bighorn against Custer in 1876
was a prominent native american leader of the Chiricahua Apache who dealt with against mexico and the US and also their development into Apache tribal lands for numerous decades. he ended up being renowned for his daring exploits and also plenty of escapes from capture from 1858 to 1886. associated with Guerilla Warfare
when an individual adopts some of all elements of a leading culture. cultural assimilation is a procedure of socialization. it can be a voluntary process, however deserve to also occasionally be the result of involuntary politcal decisions. INDIANS ASSIMILATED INVOLUNTARILY INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY
first significant US depowebsite of silver ore. afer discovery was made public in 1859 prospectors rumelted to the location and also skatifund.orgbresulted in stake their claims. mining camps quickly grew in the vicinity, which wecame bustling centers of fabulous wealth.
Huge company farms that took over the west. pumelted smaller sized farms to bankruptcy and also off the map all together

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