one of the main completion tasks in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey is to destroy the cult that stole your sibling, The Cult of Kosmos. Hunting down its members will eventually take the player to the Obsidian Islands, where they may accomplish a woman called Roxana. She has actually lost all of her family, and also she now dedicates every one of her power to win a local combat competition to the death — this competition is called The battle of One hundreds Hands.

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The player"s adventures command them to sign up with this tournament, meaning they should kill all your opponents... Consisting of Roxana. However, there is a method to spare her life at the finish of the questline. It hinges on 2 variables: the player must have actually participated in training for the tournament through Roxana, and also they must have actually romanced her throughout those quests.

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speak to To arms (Melos)

The player will accomplish Drakios in Melos. He"s calling the end for warriors, heroes, and also mercenaries to sign up because that the fight of One hundreds Hands. The boasts around the possibility to test their mettle versus the ideal warriors near and far. Once speaking to the player, that reveals the the event is backed by the Cult of Kosmos, but won"t enter the details uneven they victory the tournament.

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when the player agrees come participate, Drakios will tell them the they have to train with one more competitor so that they have the right to vouch because that one another"s abilities. There"s an choice to bribe him and avoid this section, yet don"t take it it: the will eliminate the capacity to save Roxana at the finish of the questline.

Working with Roxana is the next step to obtaining into the tournament, and also it"s a compelled step if the player wants to save her life. They have the right to actually satisfy Roxana and also train v her before speaking through Drakios, if lock prefer. She will test the player with three challenges: sparring, archery, and racing.

Sparring through Roxana

In the an initial segment, Roxana and also the player spar v melee weapons. The dialogue choices during this pursuit don"t readjust much, other than offering some background around why Roxana is joining the Battle. She reveals she father, mother, and also brother all died during the contest, and she wants to end up being Champion in your honour.


success the battle versus Roxana. Afterwards, the player will go through Roxana to a shipwreck ~ above the nearby shore for target practice.

Archery Practice

The archery segment on the coast is the an initial opportunity the player will get to flirt through Roxana. Take every flirt options that space provided, because romancing she is forced in stimulate to conserve her life later. 

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During this segment, the player requirements to kill all the wolves with their bow and also arrow. Performing well at this task earns some admiration indigenous Roxana, however doesn"t do or break the romance. Once they"ve finished, they"ll obtain to flirt through Roxana one an ext time prior to returning to city for the final challenge.

Foot Race

The foot gyeongju is as basic as that sounds. The player will race against Roxana to with the "high point" that the island (appropriately called Lover"s Leap). Afterwards, the pair will take a break to chat as they overlook the land and sea beyond.


The first few dialogue options of this search don"t do a difference. In the direction of the end, however, the player requirements to encourage Roxana"s flirtations.

When Roxana says: "That"s Melos island appropriate there. Wherein so plenty of warriors go to die. In ~ the Battle, us may have to fight each other. And only one of us will survive."

The player have to respond: "Let"s not talk around that."

When Roxana says: "How"s this because that in the moment?"

The player must respond: "It"ll do."

This will result in the 2 of them spending the night together and also parting in the morning.

The an excellent Contender

when the player return to speak come Drakios, they have the right to commence the battle of One hundred Hands. After listening come Drakios" speech, the tournament will start and also the player must clear your battlefield of other enemies.


Roxana will certainly not be amongst the fighters they face. When they have slaughtered all your opponents and returned come the city gates, Drakios reveals that Roxana has also survived and that the two must fight come the death.

Legend No More

Legend No much more is the final quest in the battle of One Hundred hand series. In it, the player can either kill Roxana and claim the title or recruit her as a sublievenant for your ship.

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The dialogue options during this section are critical to saving Roxana"s life.

After Roxana says: "There"s no escaping ours fate, misthios."

The player have to respond: "We don"t need to do this."

After Roxana says: "I"m start to think there space things much more important 보다 riches and glory."

The player need to respond: "Recruit - join me."

Drakios will be outraged and also insist the there need to be a champion. As soon as his equipped guards (scions of the Cult that Kosmos) run to his aid, Roxana and also Kassandra must slaughter castle all. The pair share a final, touching moment together looking the end over the sea.

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