Download the complimentary Beans & Brews app on her iPhone or Android, and you knife rewards clues every time girlfriend visit. You earn a suggest every time you invest a dollar, and also after 75 points, you get a $5 credit. You can use the integrated mobile payment attribute to grab, sip, and go.

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Along the way, we’ll feature all kinds of bonuses to save things fun—such together bonus signup points, a totally free birthday drink, and special supplies sent best to your phone.


How you earn bonus points.

We love offering you one excuse come come by therefore we can say hi. The why we typically feature bonus suggest specials on our society media and also via push notifications—sometimes friend can gain far an ext than one point per buck spent! ​

How girlfriend redeem your credits.

It’s pretty easy peasy. Simply open her app, tap ~ above the orange one in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and show the QR code to her barista to scan. You’ll acquire the credit used to her purchase, ideal on the spot.

Add cell phone payment to her app.

We contact it the bean Card. You can uncover it in your app. Pre-load money top top the card, then you deserve to use that to salary for your purchases by having the barista simply scan your code—which payment for her purchase and logs her reward points because that it. You don’t need to use cell phone payment to knife points, yet it deserve to sure be convenient.

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Get a birthday drink ~ above us.

Anyone who’s earned at the very least 100 residence Rewards clues within six months prior to their date of birth is eligible for a totally free drink on your birthday! So come on in and we’ll make your day extra special. ​

Receive insider notifications for one-of-a-kind offers.

We understand you prefer being in top top the scoop, so we’ll ping you whenever we have actually a special market available, prefer a $2 mocha or double-points day. These do expire, so check your application news and watch the easily accessible dates to gain "em if they"re hot.

You can’t profession value on her Beans Card right into cash, yet you can transfer it to who else. We round up or down to the nearest dollar to identify how plenty of points you obtain for a purchase. They’ll short article to her account within around 15 minutes.Your points and also earned rewards never ever expire. Hooray!Points are based upon the purchase’s amount before taxes.If girlfriend forget your phone, it’s all good. Just ask the barista for a receipt v a scannable password at the bottom, i beg your pardon you can scan for as much as 2 days. You obtain reward points for any kind of purchase except gift cards. You can apply as small as $1 every the method up come $30 the rewards on any item, excluding gift cards that course.You don’t need to use your Beans map to salary for your order via mobile—that’s up to you.