Bear force One is an epos Fortnite Glider from the Royale mind set. It to be released ~ above February 15th, 2018 and was last easily accessible 63 days ago. It have the right to be purchased indigenous the item Shop because that 1,500 V-Bucks when listed. Bear pressure One was first added to the video game in Fortnite chapter 1 Season 2.

How-to acquire the Bear pressure One Glider

Bear pressure One deserve to be acquired with V-Bucks when it is in the article Shop. This item returns on median every 78 days and is most likely to it is in in the items shop roughly October 10, 2021. View more item suspect on our Tomorrow"s Fortnite item Shop post!

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Cosmetic Details

Release Date: February 15th, 2018Last Seen: July 24th, 2021Day(s) Ago: 63Price: 1,500 V-BucksID: Glider_ID_012_TeddyBear
DateDays Ago
July 24th, 202163
June 17th, 2021100
June 16th, 2021101
May 12th, 2021136
April 10th, 2021168
January 21st, 2021247
November 6th, 2020323
September 18th, 2020372
August 9th, 2020412
July 7th, 2020445
March 22nd, 2020552
February 14th, 2020589
February 15th, 2019953
November 27th, 20181033
September 9th, 20181112
May 16th, 20181228
March 13th, 20181292
March 12th, 20181293
March 11th, 20181294
February 16th, 20181317
February 15th, 20181318

Royale hearts Set

Bear pressure One is component of the Royale hearts set! You have the right to find all of the items the belong to it below.






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