might you tkatifund.org me which one of the following sentences is the most correct and also natural?

I battered smoking due to the fact that you told me.

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I battered smoking since you told me to

I battered smoking due to the fact that you told me so.



You tkatifund.org who to execute something. You called me so method something different.

I understand smoking is poor for me due to the fact that you called me so.


The OP"s second option is best since when the meaning is clear, the infinitival marker "to" have the right to stand alone to create an katifund.orgiptical construction, which enables the speaker to avoid repeating the same expression twice. For example,

I know I should , but I just don’t desire to.

I stop smoking due to the fact that you said me to .

The 3rd option is a bit strange because the an interpretation is different:

I stop smoking because you said me so.

This is usually booked for once someone predicts miscellaneous which you disagree with, because that example, “Kanye West will win the us presidential election”. If the prediction (or warning) come true and also Kanye West is elected the chairman of the USA, the prognosticator deserve to announce–“I told friend so!”

I told you so

used when you have warned someone around a possible danger that has actually now happened and they have ignored her warning (Longman Dictionary)

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“I quit smoking since you told me to perform so”would it is in correct.

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