I don’t recognize why mine feminine side lay undiscovered because that so long, but finding the ‘other’ me has been a revelation


Robin Pickering. ‘what surprised me was just how comfortable ns felt dressed together a woman.’ Photograph: Robin Pickering
Robin Pickering. What surprised me was just how comfortable i felt dressed as a woman.’ Photograph: Robin Pickering

A couple of year ago, ns was invite to take component in a murder an enig party with a manuscript written by a friend, and also we were asked to design our own characters. I educated him straightaway the I would certainly be a cross-dressing artist, and would attend in mine female persona. Well, as an artist, i was already halfway there… The writer to be sworn to secrecy.

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I can not say for details what motivated me to pick that role. I had actually an establishment upbringing; mine father was a armed forces man and also Tory county councillor, my mom a product the the Raj. After ~ a public college education, I got in teaching, marrying and also having kids in my 20s. Although i soon enough forswore conservatism, ending up being something the a contrarian and loving a flowery shirt, I had never consciously wondered about my gender. Before that evening. At practically three score years and also ten.

"I delay my entrance to ensure i was the last to arrive, hoping to do a splash."Preparing because that the event, ns was a touch nervous make the efforts on dresses in the neighborhood vintage clothing shop, however the employee were offered to fancy dress. That evening, my daughter-in-law did mine make-up, zipped me up and sent me on my way looking passably glamorous, or as glamorous as a first-time cross-dressing 69-year-old can realistically expect to be. Ns delayed my enntrance gate to ensure ns was the critical to arrive, hoping to do a splash.

The party was a success and the murderer to be duly apprehended. Compliments on mine appearance were generous – that was most likely the alcohol talking, and I have great legs. Yet what surprised me was exactly how comfortable ns felt dressed as a woman. Shortly I sensed a mrs within that was agitating to gain out.


‘I began to wear nail varnish many of the time, and also my initial nerves conveniently dissipated.’I started to wear nail varnish many of the time, and also my early nerves conveniently dissipated. The only world who commented – invariably women – were constantly complimentary. Ns became much more aware of mine hands and loved the shape of my nails together they grew longer. Mine piano teacher would quite not hear the clicks that occasionally accompany a Mozart sonata, and also I obtain a few strange watch in the bus, mainly from older men, however otherwise little negativity.

Quite quickly, i realised that although the nails allowed a modicum the exposure, Jill-in-the-box was now straining come pop out in person, so to speak. I started to to buy women’s clothes. A friend assisted me v make-up and took me because that a full-on make-up session. When I asked the beautician if she to be seeing an ext male client now, she stated it was still pretty rare, but I feeling comfortable. My an initial sortie en femme to be at a dinner party six months later. Amongst the exact same friends, i felt in ~ ease. No need to offer Her a name – mine was currently suitable.


It soon ended up being normal for me to dress in women’s clothes whenever I spent an evening with the friends-who-know. I can’t imagine what that is like for them, despite we talk do around it. Ns no much longer feel self-conscious, also if over there is something slightly incongruous around it – me tending in the direction of the girlie v wig, make-up, frilly dress and heels while anyone else is in everyday clothing – but my friends do a great job of treating it as perfectly normal.

Returning house after a night out, i feel a certain apprehension stepping right into cabs, but the drivers, bless them, never bat one eyelid. My only ventures the end in publicly so much have remained in the comfortably anonymous surroundings the London theatres (though i may have used the wrong toilet – the gents). Ns was flattered when a waiter dubbed me madam.

I buy most of mine female clothing online, which deserve to be a bit hit-and-miss. At the start, it was basic to get brought away, yet I’m now more discerning. Over there is, after all, a border to the dimension of a girl’s wardrobe. I obtain most pleasure out of walk shopping, and also although ns still nervous about smaller boutiques, ~ above the couple of occasions I have actually wanted to shot on dresses, the aides have to be helpful.

I can’t describe why I prefer wearing women’s clothes and also all the rest, other than that i feel that is me. As time passes, that is becoming much more of a require than a choice, despite my age and also location in a provincial city and prevalent social attitudes all discourage me from consistently cross-dressing in public. The is generally acceptable for women to dress in woman clothes, however at best, cross-dressing guys are still viewed as attention-seeking, eccentric or mildly amusing, while all we space doing is gift ourselves.

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Sometimes ns wonder even if it is I might have discovered the “other” Robin fairly sooner. Friends space curious around when She was conceived and also why She surfaced once She did. In truth, ns am too. Finding myself solitary a couple of years back allowed me the time and space, and the Eddie Izzards and also Grayson Perrys the this people probably play a part, along with fortune’s fickle wheel. 

I nothing feel together though ns should always have to be a woman. Yet I do understand that the feminine part of me is much an ext than a function in a killing mystery.

Robin Pickering has actually been a permanent artist because that 20 years, after a job in further education