Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven evaluation 2021

If you hadn’t supplied a toaster oven, purchase one together it cooks your food quickly and tasty. Through these options, you have the right to use these ovens for multipurpose cooking. You can buy the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven, which includes many attributes that do your food preparation easy. If you are acquiring late for your work, you can instantly toast bread for her breakfast through the Bella 14326 Toaster Oven.

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Moreover, Bella Dial Toaster oven unique style gives your kitchen an elegant look. Friend can also go through the Bella Toaster cooktop Reviews by customers to assure yourself come buy toaster oven. So, let’s check out the Bella Toaster 4 part features and also specs to make her toaster cooktop search easy.

Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven

This Bella Kitchen provides you the finest cooking performance. The an effective 1200 watt quartz facets used to heat the food. Moreover, the Bella 14326 Toaster stove 4 slice Capacity is as much as 12L v which you deserve to cook. Girlfriend are detailed with the 5 different settings together per her food requirement. You can likewise use the grill rack v 2 positions to make miscellaneous foods and also casserole sizes. The all set indicator light reminds you about the food, and the cool touch handle included safety and ease of mental of the customer.

The 30-minute timer is available in the Bella 4 slice Toaster Oven and also a toast shade selector for much better toasting results. This ideal 4 part Toaster range Bella includes bake pan and also the wire rack. Also, the majority of the customers who bought the range has given the fantastic Bella Toaster reviews.

setup the Bella 4 slice Toaster oven TimerCapacity and Cleaning that Bella 4 slice Toaster OvenWarranty
1. Design

Bella Toaster stove comes with 2 different colors so that you can pick anyone native grey and also black. The Bella 4 slice Toaster stove stylish look provides your kitchen one elegant look that suits any type of kitchen interior. Moreover, the tempered glass provides it basic to check out the food inside the toaster oven. So, if friend think your food is burning, you have the right to take the out.

2. Temperature setting

You deserve to turn the temperature dial collection to clockwise because that your preferred setting. The Bella 4 slice Toaster oven temperature can collection from 150° F to 450° F per your food requirement. Bread Slices, Pizzas, Toast, bake, broil, and also others require different temperature settings. So v his feature, you can cook anything perfectly. Also, you deserve to keep your food warm after the perfect of cooking with the ‘Keep Warm’ setting.

3. Setting duty Modes

Bella 14326 Toaster range 4 part Capacity uses you five various settings together per your cooking preference.

Keep warm Mode: You can use this setting to save the food warm when the food is ready.Bagel Mode: In this mode, only the upper heating elements role to chef the food. So, because that optimal performance, you deserve to turn the temperature selector come the max.Broil Mode: just the upper elements produce heat. And, to have the optimal performance of the oven, revolve the temperature selector to max mode.Bake Mode: To roasted the food items, as this mode gives the upper and also lower warmth for the oven’s complete heating operation.Toast Mode: to toast the bread slices evenly. Moreover, you can turn the temperature selector because that the optimum performance of the toaster oven.
4. Setup the Bella 4 part Toaster stove Timer

The timer comes with a 30-minute setting, so girlfriend can collection the timer merely using the selector noted in the toaster oven. As soon as the time limit completes, the toaster oven produces a bell sound, which means that it is ready. The strength supply will automatically cut off. Besides this, you deserve to also readjust the timer during the cooking process of this best toaster oven.

5. Capacity and also Cleaning the Bella 4 part Toaster cooktop

Bella 14326 Toaster Oven provides the 12L volume to cook. You deserve to clean the Bella Toaster Oven conveniently by going with some steps. Constantly make sure to unplug the toaster oven before cleaning. Also, permit the oven to cool. Then, you have the right to clean the rack and also baking tray making use of the mild, soaped water. And, you have the right to clean the glass through a wet cloth. Never immerse your cooktop in the water or any liquids. Besides all this, be sure to dry the components of the Bella 14326 Toaster stove 4 slice Capacity before using. Moreover, you can use the Bella 4 slice Toaster Oven hands-on for your reference.

6. Vouch

Bella 3-Dial Toaster cooktop comes with the2 years limited warranty. The to produce will administer the forced repair or replacement of the oven. Also, Bella provided their toll-free number to contact the client service around your doubts.

Manufacturer : BellaModel : 14326Dimensions : 19.2 x 12.3 x 11.2 inchesProduct weight : 6 poundsCapacity : 12LSetting varieties : Broil, Bagels, Toast, Bake and also Keep WarmIncludes : roasted rack, crumb tray, and also broil pan

Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven crucial Features

The Toaster cooktop fits 9″ pizza and 4-slices the toast easily.Includes 2-position grill rack.30-minute timer and also ready indicator light.5-settings to use like toast, bake, broil, save warm and also the bagel.Comes v bake rack, crumb tray, wire rack and also broil pan.12 Liter capacity.Includes 1200 watt quartz power elements.2-years restricted warranty.


you can cook four part toast and also 9″ pizzaSelectable setups for different food preparation performanceIt has the 12L capacityReady indicator lightComes v a 10 year warranty2 years warranty30-minute timer
HOW TO usage BELLA 4 slice TOASTER oven 14326?

You can use the Bella 4 part Toaster oven 14326 together a toaster to add oven, wherein you can bake, broil and toast tiny dishes, as snacks. Monitor the steps below to discover to usage Bella 4 part Toaster range 14326-1. Collection food ~ above the cooktop racks in an oven friendly container.2. Set the setting of use and also the time of operation.3. Near the door of the toaster range which will begin up the Bella 4 part Toaster range 14326.

HOW do YOU PREHEAT A BELLA 4 slice TOASTER cooktop 14326?

You have the right to preheat the Bella 4 part Toaster cooktop 14326 by setting the temperature of the oven around five minutes before preparing any dish.


You have the right to clean the Bella 4 part Toaster cooktop 14326 by using a soft cloth and a mild cleaning liquid. Monitor the steps below to clean Bella 4 part Toaster stove 14326-1. Wash all the attachments that Bella 4 slice Toaster oven 14326 through running water. Scrub tenderness if necessary.2. Wipe the inside areas of the toaster stove with a wet towel soaked in laundry detergent water.3. Clean the door that the toaster oven with a warm water soaked towel.4. Wipe with fresh water again if required.


The internal dimensions the the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven room 19.2 x 12.3 x 11.2 inches.


The Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster stove is make of a metal body with a plastic door handle.


To save your time and to have better performance usage the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven. You deserve to broil, bake, toast, bagels v this Bella 4 part Toaster Oven. Moreover, it gives your kitchen a affluent look the attracts everyone because of that stylish look. You can install and maintain the Bella Toaster oven by going v the Bella 4 part Toaster cooktop Manual.

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With this Bella Toaster Oven, you deserve to use bake, toast, broil, and also bagel settings. Girlfriend can also cook 9″pizza too. You deserve to clean and also maintain the range easily. Together it prepares her food within minutes, buy this remarkable toaster oven now on Amazon at the ideal price.