We proceed with our walkthrough top top the episodic series of BATIM or Bendy.The chapter to be released ~ above September 28, 2017.It begins with Henry access time his old workshop “Joey attracted Studios” trying to find clues for why he obtained an development from his old employer Joe.In the vault chapter, Henry wakes increase in a room in search of his way out.He climate finds Sammy trapped in one inky body and also it ends together he tries come escape native Bendy.Chapter Four: Colossal WondersChapter Five: The last Reel (last)

Bendy and also the Ink maker Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Leave the Safehouse


Henry wakes up in a room with a poster with the native “sheep songs through Boris the wolf.”His target is to leave the safehouse.In the room, over there is a Bendy doll through a ticking clock, a closeup of the door chest (that will open up later) and a hammock.Henry leaves the room and also starts walking in the hall.In the key room, the will view Boris sitting close to a table tapping v his fingers v a banjo lining ~ above the wall surface next to it.To the ideal of Boris, over there is a steel door v a absent lever you need to find to open up the door.

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Find the Door Lever

Talk to Boris to uncover the lever, this will conveniently lead come the next objective.

Find Soup for Boris


To talk v Boris you’ll require to find 3 Bacon soup cans scattered in the safehouse.The first will be in the chest earlier in the bedroom whereby Henry wake up up,a second can is ~ above a barrel and also the 3rd one is on a shelf next to the stove.

Make Boris Soup


Once you have actually the 3 soup cans head end to the range in the key room.You’ll check out a pot boiling to make the soup, wait a few seconds till it’s ready.Go come Boris and press “E” to offer him the soup.In return, Boris will reach for a toolbox and will put it top top the table.When the toolbox is open, there will be a lever inside.

Leave the Safehouse (2)

The advice say to usage the lever.Walk end the metal door and put the lacking lever in ar (hit “E”).The door will certainly open and also the new objective is to uncover the exit.

Find a new Exit

As Henry walks in the hallway that will watch Boris there together well.But over there is another hallway which is dark and he demands to discover some light.On a table, he will discover a flashlight, and also while holding the the following objective will certainly show.

Enter the Darkness


With a flashlight in his hand, Henry and Boris are walking right into a an extremely dark place.Henry claims to Boris the he will keep the light close come him therefore he will not get lost.There is some machine with cogwheels roll there and also Ink dropping from the ceiling.It will certainly look like Henry and also Boris came to another dead finish an over there is no way out.Henry will then questioning ”You got any kind of ideas, Boris ?”

Talk come Boris


Right after ~ that, Boris will discover a way out.It will be a feet in an opened vent and he will certainly crawl inside. A few seconds later the vent closes and also Henry receives his following objective.

Find a new Exit (2)

The door opens and also Henry walks come a hall with carton bendy dolls and also a substantial sign speak “Heavenly Toys”.It looks likes a dome kind of vast fountain with Ink pouring from the top of it into a small pool.Henry claims “Wow. Ns don’t remember any kind of of this”.Climb increase the stairs, mental the bar to your Right- don’t pull it yet!Go through a tiny hall and into a room.

In the room, you’ll see many little dolls of Bendy and also Boris and additionally a couple of empty toolboxes.Also, a lever associated to the very first one you simply saw with wires,Between the bookshelves, Henry will find a record in the voice of Shawn Flynn.He claims he painted several of those Bendy dolls and that Henry should remove the crooked toys.Go earlier to the bar near the stairs and also pull it.

Fix the Toy Machine

The pointer is to unclog the belt wheels.You’ll need to uncover 4 dolls which protect against the belt wheels from spinning.in the room near the lever, there will certainly be an airplane.Next, there room 3 dolls blocking on cogwheels through belts the are basic to uncover in the room (see pictures).This will open up the following objective.

Turn top top the Toy Machine

Now the the wheels deserve to spin freely, traction the bar of the strength switch in the room.The bookshelves will relocate slightly yet will be stuck.Pull the bar a couple of times until the doorway is cleared.Henry will certainly be now in Alice Angel’s toy room, over there is a banner v the words “she’s rather a gal!”

Walking in the room will cause the lamp to turn off and also a tune with the voice the Alice Angel will certainly play.On a little screen, girlfriend will watch Alice Angel’s face.After perhaps 30 seconds, a dressing room door will certainly be highlighted and then Alice will display as part Inky twisted figure.Dark again and she will certainly say come Henry “I check out you there, a brand-new fly in my limitless web. Come along now. Let’s see if she worthy to walk with angles.”This is the time for a brand-new objective come show.

Find a brand-new Exit (3)

Two indications on the wall in the room will present that a crossroad through two courses exists.One is being significant as “The Demon” and also the other “The Angel”.Henry deserve to only select one the them. As soon as he choose a path, the door come the second one will certainly shut.

Taking “The Demon” path, Henry will enter a an extremely inky room v a voice record of Joey Drew.Joe will talk about his beliefs that can make human being succeed, well-off and an effective and also as a way to cheat death (positive and silly thought).If Henry chooses “The Angel”, that will enter a bright Alice point of view themed room with a voice document playing Susie Campbell.She’s explaining exactly how heartbroken she felt about being changed as the voice actress for Alice angel by Allison Pendle.

As Henry leaves the selected room and walks more on, he will check out some mist in the hall wherein he demands to open a door.A Bendy cutout will jumpscare him and Boris will certainly be wait there just around the corner.Henry will say; “Boris! You scared me to death! Don’t suppose you found anything we deserve to use to defend ourselves with ?“Move on come the brand-new objective.

Arm Yourself

The tip is to take the gent pipe native Boris and use it as a weapon.Boris will walk to the next room (dolls room) along with Henry whereby he can discover a bar of a door.The door deserve to open just if both levers space switched at once, therefore each among them demands to press on one move lever.

Open the storage Exit

Henry need to search the room because that the 2nd lever when Boris waits in ~ the first one.In the way, he’ll uncover a voice record of wally and also Thomas.Wally is a problem with push going over 45. Thomas states that this have the right to blow the whole place and that he demands to placed an eye ~ above the cage.

Searching because that a while and passing a fog cloud in the way, Henry will check out a poster of ”the Butcher Gang” , a group of characters from the initial Bendy cartoon.Upon gaining close come the poster, a Piper monster will certainly break with it and also will begin attacking Henry.Henry will should hit him with the gent pipeline multiple times in stimulate to lastly kill him.The lever is revealed top top the left next if standing versus the poster.

Find a brand-new Exit (4)

After detect the lever Henry and also Boris will certainly rejoin again where the an initial switch is located.Boris will show him the method to an elevator whereby a statue that Bendy is located.Once Henry enters the elevator, Alice will begin talking come Henry over the speakers saying:“You’re’ so amazing .. Therefore different. I have to say ns an prompt fan. Looks choose you’ve obtained a date with an angel!Come come me now. Level nine. Just follow the screams”.

Date v an Angel

Reaching to Level 9, Alice voice says to Henry “There’s a totality twisted world out there”.Not far, there is a tape indigenous Thomas Connor, the repairman the Joey attracted Studios.Thomas says that the elevators in ~ the Studio tend to failure from time come time and this have the right to ends up in a disaster, therefore he prefers taking the stairs.In his voice: “sometimes castle open…sometimes they don’t…sometimes they come…sometimes they save on going come hell and back.”

Climbing increase the large stairs, Boris and Henry will check out a door come which has actually a large statue that Alice Angel above it.A authorize with these words “She’s fairly A gal !”The door will open and Boris will certainly run ahead of Henry until they get in a room.In the room, there will be corpses that Boris clones, tied v straps come standing bads which to be probably eliminated by Twisted Alice.

Alice will begin talking on speakers saying, “Look around.it took so many of castle to do me so beautiful. Anything less than perfect to be left behind” and she continues: “I had to do it. She do me”.Henry will certainly walk on small logs over the inky pool to the other side the the room and also the door will certainly then open.On the way, that will uncover a record from Susie Campbell, the former actress who offered to administer the voice because that Alice angel in the Bendy cartoon, prior to she was replaced by Allison.Susie explains how she had actually lunch through Joey Drew once and described him to be “quite the charmer” , “He even dubbed me Alice” she adds “I favored it”.

He will proceed to walk till he reaches a room through a long window of glass see the daemon twisted Alice electrocutes a Piper to death.She will talk around herself and also that she will certainly “not let the demon touch me again.”Then she says to Henry that she’ll spare him and also even let him leaving the place.But he will must do a couple of “little favors” because that her very first and he needs to return to the lift to finish them.A steel shutter will go under hiding the window and a new objective will appear.

Do the Angel’s Bidding

Henry requirements to go ago to the elevator to acquire instruction from Alice.The an initial is: “My equipments are hungry. Gather me some spare parts”.

Take the Wrench

Henry it s okay a Wrench rather of the Gent Pipe making use of it to collection the spare components as Twisted Alice asked.

Collect three Special Gears

The tips overview Henry to find for the gearboxes top top Level K.Now squid Demons (Searchers) will climb from the little ink swimming pool scattered in the building- so be aware!You’ll also be able to discover many Bacon Soup cans scattered around to restore Henry’s health.One equipment will be in Piper’s hands, 2nd on the floor and the 3’rd in a crate on the wall.

Along the way, over there is a tape with the voice that Wally Franks whereby he says, the he look at nothing but angry deals with everywhere and if civilization won’t stat to smile and laugh he will leave. Nothing vital here.

Return to the point of view (1)

To complete this job you’ll should put the gears you uncovered in the dropbox on Level 9.The crate is near the entrance whereby the huge banner with “she’s quite a gal!” is.If you’re not sure which floor is which, usage the elevator once possible.Alice advises Henry to no die top top his method back up.Bringing Twisted Alice the one-of-a-kind gears she then gives Henry his next objective.

Take the octopus Syringe

Alice speak Henry to collect extra thick ink from the swollen Searchers that provides her sick.Her advice is to move quietly to capture them.She likewise gives him an octopus syringe, which can be supplied for killing Swollen Searchers and collect the thick ink.

Collect Extra special Ink

The tip overview is to hunt the swollen Searchers ~ above Level 11.You have to kill several of them, however only after death the one that holds Bendy carton and also has special ink, the job is complete.

Return come the angel (2)

After collecting enough thick octopus from the puffy Searchers, Henry needs to placed the extra thick in the dropbox ~ above Level 9.Once act that, Henry will obtain a Gent pipe to usage as a weapon.

Take the Plunger

Alice will then tell Henry come go out again to look because that valve panels.“Turn the little wheels. Then bring me their strength cores”Pick the plunger indigenous the was standing to gain the following objective.

Collect three Valve Cores

The reminder says that Henry should head come Level ns to resolve the octopus tubes.Along the way, octopus monsters and Swollen Searchers will begin to show up trying to damage Henry.

Tip and also Warning: If Henry operation too fast or makes too lot noise, ink Bendy will occasionally appear.You’ll watch the ink over Henry’s confront as she viewpoints nearby.Henry has to find a small closet in which he deserve to hide until Ink Bendy leaves.

Finding the valves you’ll have the ability to get the strength cores from the squid tubes.One valve core is organized by Striker and also Henry have to kill the to open up the ink tubes.Go come the ink tubes and turn among three little wheels attached come them until they all have actually the very same amount of squid in each of the containers. The liquid has come be according to the 3 tiny black circles.

Return come the angel (3)

Upon collecting all of the strength cores, Henry demands to put the cores in the dropbox ~ above Level 9.You’ll have the ability to use the elevator this time.Alice is talking in the background if Boris seems really frightened due to the fact that of the existence of Bendy nearby.Returning to the dropbox will start a brand-new objective.

Take the Axe

“You view those Grinning Demons? Let’s eliminate them, candlestick we? I’ve got just the device to make this even much more enjoyable”Twisted Alice talks around Grinning Demons which room Bendy Cutouts and also give him an Axe because that this mission.

Destroy 15 Bendy Cutouts

With the Axe in his hands, Henry must-visit Level K and Heavenly Toys and also beware of the ink demon together the advice say.Use the elevator to with Level K you’ll require to damage all 15 cardboard Bendy cutouts.Approaching come the crossroad wherein the sign reflects The Demon/ The Angel choose the Angel together if choosing the Demon, the Bendy cutout will not count.After finding and destroying those Bendy cutouts, Alice will certainly talk end the speakers, speak it was funny for her, however Ink Bendy hates it when she destroys his cutouts and Henry better hide now.

Return come the angel (4)

Henry will must go ago to Level 9, but look out together Bendy is roughly now.

The Angel’s Wrath

Alice voice speaking around the “disgusting wretches wandered mine halls…They’re trying to drag me earlier to the darkness. Nothing let them take her angle!”Henry has to kill all of the 3 Butcher gang that will come and shot to assault him.

Return to the point of view (5)

Alice says “I hate leaving work-related unfinished! Fortunately, I have you to choose up the pieces”Henry will should go come deeper down right into the abyss.

Take the Tommy Gun

Alice will offer Henry a Tommy pistol “firepower” to aid him with the task, however only if he choose “the demon” course room, collection the ink toy to the ink Machine’s shape, and not dice in any type of of Twisted Alice’s missions. If not she’ll say: “Oops. I forgot. That a tiny hard to obtain a organize of. Oh well. Much better luck following time” And the Gun will vanish.

Collect five Ink Hearts

The reminder is to use the lift to descend to the depths.Henry demands to go under to Level 14 come collect 5 ink hearts for Alice while staying clear of from the Projectionist.He requirements to remain out that his light and also to avoid encountering him.If the Projectionist appears, better to hide in those tiny closets Stations till the risk is gone.In the way, over there is a tape with the voice that Norman Polk speaking about the Projectionist nature and also how the learns the ins and also outs that his studio to prevent them.

Return to the angel (6)

Henry demands to go ago to Twisted Alice top top Level 9 and place the squid hearts in the dropbox.She will tell the to saw the lift as it time to walk home.

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Return to the Surface

Henry start the elevator and Alice beginning talking about heaven in the background.She then says:” are you ready to ascend, my small errand boy? The heavens space waiting.”The elevator goes up while Alice is crying and also laughing in the exact same time.Suddenly Alice gets angry and also says that she i will not ~ let Henry go and steal Boris native her since she demands him.She requirements Boris inside her to come to be beautiful again.The elevator is speeding down through sparks injected from that cables till it’s crashing ~ above Level S.Boris is make the efforts to wake up Henry before Alice arrives and also the chapter ends.